The History Of England


Roman Britain

43 ad - 410 ad

Roman Britain

Julius Caesar's 1st Invasion

55 BC

Julius Caesar's 2nd Invasion

54 BC

Augustus Receives British Kings

48 BC - 1 AD

1st Planned Augustinian Expedition

34 BC

2nd Planned Augustinian Expedition

27 BC

3rd Planned Augustinian Expedition

25 bc

Tiberius' Troops Visit

16 AD

Carried to England by a storm during German Campaigns

Claudius' Invasion Begins

43 AD

Roman Britain

43 AD - 410

Hadrian's Wall Built


Antonine Wall Built


Retreat To Hadrian's Wall


Division Into Britannia Superior & Inferior


Anthropological History

Most Britons Speak Common Brythonic

500 bc

Himilco The Carthaginian Visits England

450 BC

Greeks, Phoenicians & Carthaginians Trade For Cornish Tin

350 BC - 300 BC

Pytheas Visits Britain

325 BC

First Large British Towns

175 BC

Iron Bars Used As Currency

100 bc

Brythonic Tribes: Trinovantes

Reign Of Mandubracius

54 BC - 34 BC

Installed as Client-King of the Trinovantes in South-East England by Julius Caesar. He had previously fled to Gaul after his Father, Imanuentius/Mannuētios, was overthrown by the warlord Cassivellaunus

Reign Of Addedomarus

34 bc - 15 bc


A Brythonic Tribal Kingdom centred around Colchester & St. Albans

Reign Of Cassiuellaunos

60 BC - 20 BC

Defeated by Julius Caesar in 54 BC but allowed to continue as ruler on condition that he did not attack the Trinovantes

Reign Of Tasciovanus

20 BC - 9 AD

Reign Of Cunobeline

9 AD - 42 AD

Reign Of Togodumnus

42 ad - 43 ad

Reign Of Carātacos

43 ad - 50 ad


A Brythonic Tribal Kingdom centred on Silchester

Reign Of Commius

30 bc - 20 bc

Previously a ringleader in the Pan-Gaulish revolt

Reign Of Tincomarus

25 BC - 8 AD

Co-Ruler with his Father, Commius, then Co-ruler with his brother, Eppilus, until deposed by his subjects for unknown reasons. Fled to Rome

Reign Of Eppillus

20 BC - 15 AD


a) Deposed by his brother Verica & fled to kent
b) Peacefully moved aside to rule in Kent
c) Died & Eppillus Of Kent is a different man

Reign Of Verica

15 AD - 41 AD

Lost territory to Eppaticu of the Catuvellauni. Recovered it after his death.

Reign Of Epatticu

25 ad - 35 ad

Atrebates Annexed By Catuvellauni

41 AD

Verica expelled and fled to Rome. As an ally of Rome, this formed the pretext for Claudius' Invasion