Untitled timeline


Yalta conference

February 1945

-Germany to be split into four zones
-Free elections for new governments held in countries previously occupied in East Europe
-UN to replace L of N

Atom bombs dropped

April 1945

Bombs dropped on Japan

Potsdam conference

August 1945

-New boundaries of Poland agreed
-Germany and Berlin divided between superpowers
-Legal trials at Nuremburg of Nazi leaders for war crimes

Greece civil war


$400mn to suppress communism - example of Truman Doctrine

Berlin airlift

June 1948 - May 1949

only way of obtaining supplies - 8000 tons of supplies a day

Castro revolution


Castro begins guerrilla war and marches on Havana

Military advisors sent


Military advisors sent to aid the south

Bay of Pigs


CIA trained invasion of Cuba by Cuban rebels. USA promised air support but did not supply it - rebels heavily outnumbered and invasion led to Castro seeking soviet assistance

Soviet missile crisis


Spy plane detects Soviet missiles in Cuba which could attack with little warning - set up a naval blockade and demanded Khrushchev withdraw missiles - after 13 days, he agreed and US promised not to invade Cuba and removed missiles in Turkey

Gulf of Tonkin


SS Maddox fired on - gave an excuse for invasion



First troops arrive and operation Rolling Thunder commences - bombing - 500,000 men by 1967

Tet offensive


Vietcong took over over 100 southern cities with the North Vietnamese - took over US embassy - US looked weak - Walter Cronkite lost faith

My Lai


Public learn about massacre whilst marching on Washington

Troops withdrawn


final troops withdrawn

Saigon taken