Northern Settlements

2500 BCE

Phoenician Trade in Mediterranean

1200 BCE


Bantu Migrations

1500 BCE - 500 CE

Middle East

Egyptian Empire

1400 BCE - 1100 BCE

South Asia (India)

Indus River Valley Civilization

2500 BCE - 1500 BCE

-Harappa and Mohenjo Daro

Mauryan Empire

321 BCE - 180 BCE

-Founded by Chandragupta Maurya
-Converted to Buddhism after realizing he was too brutal
-Rock and Pillar Edicts
-Ruled with morality

Gupta Dynasty

320 - 550

-Founded by Chandra Gupta
-Classical Golden Age
-Collapsed from pressures by White Huns


Shang Dynasty

1600 BCE - 1100 BCE

Yellow River Valley

Zhou Dynasty

1100 BCE - 256 BCE

-Wu Wang ousted Shang Dynasty
-Period of the warring states
-Developed concept of Mandate of Heaven
-Complex bureaucracy

Qin Dynasty

221 BCE - 209 BCE

-Great Wall of China
-Empire was organized, centralized, and territorial
-Shi Huangdi

Han Dynasty

200 BCE - 460

-Civil Service Exam
-Silk Road

Sui Dynasty

581 - 618

-completed Grand Canal
-military failures (couldn't annex Korea)
-high taxes, forced labor
-assassination ends dynasty

Tang Dynasty

618 - 907

-golden age
-rebuilt bureaucracy
-Buddhism supported, then suppressed
-invented movable print, gunpowder, and porcelain
-decline caused by weak emperors, nomadic incursions, economic problems

Song Dynasty

969 - 1279

-large, centralized bureaucracy
-increased trade

Yuan Dynasty

1279 - 1368

-Established by Mongol Kublai Khan
-Economic stability and prosperity
-China more open to trade and travel (Marco Polo)
-Ignored Chinese traditions, replaced Chinese bureaucrats with Non-Chinese
-Unsuccessful attacks on Japan
-Corruption weakens dynasty
-Peasant rebellion ends Yuan

Ming Dyansty

1368 - 1644

-tried to erase all signs of Mongols
-reinstated civil service exam, Confucian scholars
-collapsed after famines and riots

Qing Dynasty

1644 - 1911

-Ruled by Manchus
-Weakened by American and European interventions


Mayan Civilization

300 BCE - 800 CE

-Southern Mexico and parts of Central America