World War Two timeline assignment


End of World War 1

January 1, 1919

Germans are blamed for war by every other country involved.

New General Secretary

April 3, 1922

Joseph Stalin in the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party.

Forming of the Soviet Union

December 30, 1922

Between Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Transcaucasia.

Germany Fined

January 11, 1923

Germany was made to reparation payments. France and Belgium occupy the Ruhr area to force the payments from Germany.

The Beer Hall Putsch

November 8, 1923

Adolf Hitler fails to lead Nazi to overthrow German Government. police intervened.

Vladimir Lenin Dies

January 21, 1924

Joseph Stalin begins purging rivals to clear his way to leadership.

Adolf Hitler Sentenced

April 1, 1924

Because of the participation in the Beer Hall Putsch to overthrow government.

France leaves

August 18, 1924

France withdraws it's troops from Germany.

Dictator Power for Bennito Mussolini in Italy

January 1, 1925

Benito Mussolini announces he is taking dictatorial power over Italy

Mein Kampf is published

July 18, 1925

Hitlers autobiography is published.

British and Belgium troops leave

January 30, 1926

British and Belgium troops withdraws from Germany

The treaty of Berlin

April 24, 1926

Signed by Germany and the Soviet Union declaring neutrality if either is attacked in the next 5 years

The Great Depression Begins

October 29, 1929

Beginning the end of October

France withdraws from Rhineland

June 30, 1930

Troops withdraw out of Rhineland

Nazi given seat as chancellor

January 30, 1933

Hitler is appointed chancellor of Germany by president Paul Van Hindenburg.

Possible Sabotage

February 27, 1933

Germany's parliament building Reichstag is set on fire

First concentration camp

March 20, 1933

Germany camp, Dachau is ready for use.

Adolf Hitler becomes Führer of Germany.

August 19, 1934

Gives him all the power he needs to take over.

Germany occupies the Rhineland

March 7, 1936

In Violation of the treaty of Versailles, Germany reoccur ides the Rhineland

Battle of Stalingrad

August 23, 1942

Germany versus Russia, the only thing stopping Germany from taking over the rest of Russia and assumably the rest of Europe.

D-day Begins

June 6, 1944

Landing of 155000 troops on beaches of Normandy, France.