Edwards Religous change

Broken in to 4 phases


Phase one

Establisment of the Protestant Church !

Royal injuction


Iconacalsm and the removal of religous images- paintings satues.. ect



In 1547 Charles had destroyed the protestant princes, there is an influx of reliougous radicals seeking asylem in England.

Edwards first Parliment


the act of six articles and the hersy laws were repealed , while mmoderation of the treason act was lifted censorship, this caused an upserge in the publication of protestant litrature and preaching Protestant views. the closer of the chantries this can be seen as reliougous the complition of the disalution of the monastries, also can be seen as fincal motivated.

Cramners Homilies

July 1547

Cranmer created the book of homilies issued in July, was a pre written surmen for poorly experience prist in giving sermans.

Phase two

The Catholic doctrine removed but not replaced

Proclimation issued


transubsaciation is what the church beleives- this was a way of buying time for Cramner to creat the protesant doctrine , the proclimation premited preaching until the new licage is produced for the Church.

Pahse three

laying the foundations of the Church

New ordinal




supported by parliment, Edward issued the destruction of all religous images.

New laws

January 1549

the first prayer book, the act of uniformity was passed though parliment, to enforce the new prayer book- this passed with little trouble in the house of commons more trouble in the Lords- more conservative. It retained transubsantation but emphisied that there was no scarfice- This led to the western rebellion. John Hopper said that the book did not go far engough contained popish ideas. The forbidding of clerical Marriage was overturned- 20% of clergy members got married that 20% now have invested intrest in the protestant Church.

New treason act


Phase four

complition of the reformation

Second prayer book


was more radical than the first, it removes all traces of the catholism abandoned the structure of mass and removed the suggestion of transubsatation, enfoced by the second act of uniformity, which was to impose the second prayer book. Catholic vestments were to be removed and replaced by a surplice.

Black Rubic


a statement that kneeling at the alter did not implie the adoration of a physical present of christ



never passed Edward died.

the act of fourty- two articles


never passed though parliment to become statute law.