Mary's Foregin Policy


Mary comes to the throne


Marriage to philip

July 1554

Negotioations start with Spain for a marriage, Mary and Philip the heir to the Spainish empire. Mary had ingnored her advice of her advisers to marry an English man. The marriage treaty did offer some advantages it offered protection, the treaty also stated that Philip would not be able to exersise any power in England or appoint any Spaniards to English offices, he could also not drag england into Spanish wars. the marriage was a catalyst for the rebellion.

No heir


it was obviuous Mary was not having a child so Philip returned to Spain.

Ship building program


supported by parliment in peace times.

French annoyance

1556 - 1557

Mary became worried about the Frech, the taking over of Scarbough castle, he came from France and had French weapons. The French wanted to depose Mary and supported Dudley, Hnery II was also tolerating English exiled protestants, who were producing litrature and sending back to England.

Philip wanted war


Philip returened to England to persade Mary into joining his French war. His poor atempt failed first aptemt , he did this because Spain had become bankrupt.

the French war

1557 - 1558

At first the Mary and her council were scared to get involved in the French war as the French had been providing grain for England because of the bad harvest, but as things were looking upt the Harvest was better. IN june the privy council section 7000 troops to France, this was also aided by the fact that it looked like Spain was going to win the Frech war. it also gave a chance for the nobility to prove their loyalty to Mary.

the loss of Cialis


Due to the Frech war Mary lose Cialis.

French threat


Threat of the French on the south coast