Author: Alice Sebold Diana Perez Scanlan English 3 2nd


Day Of The Rape

May 8, 1981

Quote: "This is what I remember. My lips were cut. I bit down on them when he grabbed me from behind and covered my mouth" (Sebold 5).
Explanation: This marks the date that her life changed. She was on her way home on the last day of her freshmen year of college when she was assaulted.

Her Congregation Knows

May 20, 1981

Quote: "Father Breuninger had announced it to the church. He did not use the word 'raped' but he said 'assaulted brutally in a park near her campus. It was a robbery'" (Sebold 65).
Explanation: This was only the beginning of people discovering her story. She had left college the day of the rape to her hometown with her mother. Her mother had told the Father of their church and he had announced it to the church during a service. People began to visit Alice Sebold and slowly learned it wasn't only a robbery.

Alice Runs Into Her Assailant

October 5, 1981

Quote: "Then as if out of nowhere, I saw my rapist crossing toward me. He was smiling as he approached. He recognized me. It was a stroll in the park to him; he had met an acquaintance on the street" (Sebold 103).
Explanation: This is the first time Alice has seen her rapist since the night of the rape. She had returned to campus and was on her way to class. She recognized him and he began to talk to her. She kept on walking and went to her professor to tell him she wouldn't be attending class. She then drew a sketch of the man and called then police.

Her Rapist Was Identified And Arrested

October 15, 1981

Quote: "Investigator Lorenzo left a message. 'Gregory Madison was arrested at two P.M.'" (Sebold 115).
Explanation: Now that her rapist has been arrested, she could pursue this in court. Alice Sebold now felt safer while she was out and about. Her rapist was behind bars until the preliminary hearing could be placed.

Preliminary Hearing

October 19, 1981

Quote: "After asking a few questions about how the light was that night and where the rape took place, he asked me the question that he had warned me I would have to answer. 'Can you tell us in your own worlds what happened at that time?'" (Sebold 118).
Explanation: The preliminary hearing would determine whether or not the case had enough evidence to be pursued in court. Alice Sebold needed this in order to find some peace of mind. She would go into court and explain the rape while being thoroughly examined in front of a judge. Her case does make it to court. Now she has to see her rapist during the upcoming line up.


November 4, 1981

Quote: "We had about and hour of waiting before the lineup to be held at the Public Safety Building Jail" (Sebold 133).
Explanation: Alice Sebold would see her rapist through a one way mirror. Out of the five men, she had brought it down to the last two, four and five. She identified number five as the man that had raped her but this is exactly what Gregory Madison wanted. She had identified the wrong man. This point would be brought up in court but a hair sample was taken from Gregory Madison voluntarily. The hair matches the one that was on Alice Sebold the night of the rape.


May 17, 1982

Quote: "Mastine began. He asked me my name and address" (Sebold 173).
Explanation: Alice Sebold was in court testifying against Gregory Madison in front of the judge. The right to a jury had be waved and it was a closed courtroom. Alice Sebold was drilled with questions about the night of the rape and was beyond exhausted by the end of the trial. More witnesses such as the doctor that had taken her rape kit were interview as well as others.


May 18, 1982

Quote: "'They got him!' he said joyfully. 'Guilty on all six counts. He was remanded to jail!'" (Sebold 200).
Explanation: Alice Sebold can finally find some peace now that her rapist will be behind bars. She is packing up her things when these news reach her. She was stunned and wasn't sure with what the next step was for her.


July 13, 1982

Quote: "In a court where Gorman presided and Martine, Paquette, and Madison were in attendance, Gregory Madison was sentenced" (Sebold 201).
Explanation: Although Alice was not present during Gregory Madison's sentencing, she had found out that he was sentenced to twenty five years to life. He could receive probation once he had reached eight years of his sentencing.
She never saw that man again.