Devil In The White City

Mason Newton Ms. Smith English 3-5 5 May 2014

Part 1: Frozen Music

Chicago named second largest city


"Chicago's population had topped one million for the first time, making the city the second most populous in the nation after New York"(Larson 13).

In 1890 Chicago was named the second largest city in America by the American city census. This is important because their growing population was one of the reasons that they were selected to host the world fair.

Chicago announced to be the site of the world fair

February 24, 1890

"On the afternoon of Monday, February 24, 1890, two thousand people gathered on the sidewalk and outside of the offices of the Chicago Tribune," they were waiting outside the offices so they could receive the news of who won the vote to get the world fair(Larson 13).

The citizens of Chicago were eager to receive the news of who one the vote to host The World's Fair.

Burnham authorized to give 10 architects commision of $10,000

January 5, 1891

"On January 5, 1891, the Committee on Grounds and Buildings authorized Burnham to offer formal commissions to all ten architects and pay each $10,000 (equivalent today to about $300,000)(Larson 84).

This has great importance because this is where Burnham selects ten highly renowned architects to do the architecture of The World's Fair.

Part 2: An Awful Fight

Thematic Statement- Evil deeds may go unnoticed when there are many distractions.

Architects present drawings of fair's main structure

February 24,1891

"On Tuesday, February 24, 1891, Burnham, Olmstead, Hunt, and the other architects gathered in the library on the top floor of the Rookery to present drawings of the fair's main structures to the Grounds and Building Committee"(Larson 113).

This is important because the architects have the main structures of The World's Fair ready to present which is a big step towards getting ready for the fair.

Holmes kills Julia and Pearl

December 24, 1891

"Her eyelids stuttered then closed...After a few moments he reached for her wrist and felt her pulse fade to nothing..."(Larson 148).

"He stoppered the chloroform, found a fresh cloth, and walked down the hall to Pearl's room"(Larson 149).

Holmes killed Julia with the chloroform then did the same to her daughter.

Holmes Kills Emeline

January 2, 1893

"Holmes had lured a woman into the vault... Holmes then closed the airtight door to lock her inside"(Larson 191).

Holmes lured Emeline into the airtight vault and closed the door locking her inside. In an attempt to get out she tried to kick the door open, leaving a footprint on the door because of the acid that was in the vault.

Part 3:In the White City

Thematic Statement- When the economy is suffering, less people have money to spend on entertainment.

Opening Day

May 1, 1893

May 1, 1893 marked the first day the World's Fair opened.

Panic on Wall Street

May 3, 1893

"The forces that had been battering the nations economy erupted in a panic on Wall Street that caused stock prices to plummet"(Larson 239).

The panic of Wall Street, and the stock prices plummeting, was a traumatic event because many banks had to close down which resulted in less people coming to the fair. The fair was in great jeopardy of becoming one of the greatest failures of all time.

Arsonists set fire to the seven greatest places of the exposition

July 5, 1894

"On July 5, 1894, arsonists set fire to the... Post's immense Manufacturers and Liberal Arts Building, Hunt's dome, Sullivan's Golden Door, all of them"(Larson 335).

Because of George Pullman cutting jobs and wages there was many strikes. The strikers eventually ended up burning down seven of the most significant places of the exposition.

Part 4: Cruelty Revealed

Thematic Statement- Good always concurs evil.

Chicago detectives begin exploration of Holmes's "castle"

July 19, 1895

"First they made a broad survey of the building... the eeriest phase of the investigation began when the police, holding their flickering lanterns high entered the hotel basement...The discoveries came quickly: a vat of acid with eight ribs and a part of a skull settled at the bottom; mounds of quicklime; a large kiln; a dissection table stained with what seemed to be blood"(Larson 364).

Chicago detectives began looking into Holmes because they suspected him for murders and they ended up finding a lot of evidence while searching his "castle".

Holmes Indited

September 12, 1895

"On September 12, 1895, a Philadelphia grand jury voted to indict Holmes for the murder of Benjamin Pitezel. Only two witnesses presented evidence..."(Larson 369).

This is very significant in the book because one of the main characters, Holmes, is indited for murder.

Holmes is hanged

May 7,1896

"They knew he was a killer... the superintendent, a man named Richardson, seemed nervous as he readied the noose. Holmes turned to him and smiled, and said, 'Take your time old man.' At 10:13 Richardson released the trap and hanged him"(Larson 386).

This is a significant moment in the book because it is when Holmes finally pays for his crimes, with his life.