GeoTasker timeline


Each wrote Hello, World apps


Created to-do list app

  1. Created an app that functions as a to-do list. Saves user input and adds it to a list that is saved while the application runs.

Drew GUI ideas


Setup github


Became certified developers


Added to-do list app functionality

  1. A remove item button
  2. Additional fields for each item
  3. Scrollable views
  4. Improved UI apperance

Group meeting

  1. Congregated as a group and shared our progress
  2. Created an alert button for the app that takes the user to google maps if accepted
  3. Planned for the next week

Alert/notification work

  1. Made both an alert and a push notification that can move the user from anywhere on the phone into a particular view within the application.
  2. We will progress with the push notification method unless we find new issues with it.

Runs in background

  1. Added the ability to run in background to location output app
  2. Switched to local notification over alert

MyLocation app


Made a separate app using CLLocation that:
1. starts monitoring location when app opens
2. prints latitude, longitude, address
3. updates when location changes a given amount
4. sends alert when location changes
5. can use gpx file to test which changes location realtime

Added maps/location capability

  1. Combined location tracking with the to do list app
  2. Close to finishing google maps querying capabilities from an array of to do items.

Merge Day


Radius fixes, locationless item now possible

  1. Removed radius field from UI, did not touch code
  2. Added a switch button that indicates whether or not a todo item should be associated with a location If off, todo item will not be queried in findMatches Todo items now have an extra property hasLocation Value of hasLocation can be viewed in details page
  3. findMatches is called after an item is added currentLoc is now a global that can be accessed if XYZAppDelegate.h is imported
  4. Items added to the list are initialized with a radius of 3000 m What does is radius vs. itemradius?

Worked out local notifications

  1. Got alerts/notification working - we now open apple maps directly from the notification if only one item is available. send to to do list if there are more than one items available.

Fixed app crashing on map button

  1. Fixed map button forcing crash when no match existed
  2. Stopped app from sending an alert each time a new item was added

Working on UI, alerts

04/20/2014 - 04/23/2014
  1. Continued working on UI, got local notifications to take you to the details page of relevant notification.
  2. Alerts are done.

Bug work, map work, UI work

  1. Continued work on UI
  2. Got multiple pins on the map
  3. Got the mapview to rotate properly
  4. Fixed the bug where findmatches wasnt being called in certain edge cases

Get directions from a specific pin


Merge Day

  1. Fixed up UI
  2. Reimplemented alerts
  3. merged everything
  4. one working version of our app. It looks a lot cleaner now!

Wrote script for video



  1. Using the simulation version of the app, we simulated hundreds of searches against hundreds of geolocations in order to stress test our app.
  2. Simulated random button mashing on our app to see if there were any combinations of input that could crash our app by writing a javascript program and using the automation kit
  3. Gave the app to friends

Bug fixes & making the video

  1. Fixed app crashing on multiple UIAlertViews
  2. Worked on UI
  3. Figured out a way to screen record iPhone

Fixed map opening up to the ocean



05/07/2014 - 05/09/2014
  1. Filming - iphone screen recording, walking around
  2. Debugging - fixing alerts
  3. Extra features - manual radius slider, UI changes
  4. Simulation - had to create a new version of the app, and hack together a simulation so we could simulate a walk through of new york
  5. Presentation ppt







Compiled all our materials, organized the folder, ready to go