Kaneohe Bay Timeline

This timeline shows the events that changed Kaneohe Bay environmentally, mostly in terms of water pollution. (Orange-Events with negative effects on Kaneohe Bay; Blue- Events with positive effect on Kaneohe Bay)


Sewer Discharges

1920 - 1977

This event has worsened the water pollution and started the rapid growth of the native bubbly algae Dictyosphaeria cavernosa, which killed off many coral and continues to do so.

Clean Water Act of 1972

October 18, 1972

This law states that you cannot pollute the water without a permit.

Revision of Clean Water Act of 1972 (Clean Water Act of 1977)

July 1, 1977

Added amendments to the Clean Water Act of 1972.

Super Suckers

2005 - Present

Vacuums called "Super Suckers" suck up invasive algae and seaweed, then Hawaiian collectors sea urchins are placed on the rest of the seaweed to keep it from growing.

He'eia Ahupua'a Project

2007 - Present

This is one of the programs that helps Kaneohe Bay. The taro patches trap storm flows and sedimentation from reaching Kaneohe Bay.

Montipora White Syndrome

March 2011 - Present

This is the first large outbreak of the Montipora White Syndrome in Kaneohe Bay. It has continued to this day.

Alcohol Band on Kaneohe Sandbar

June 27, 2012

This is crucial to the water quality because less alcohol in the water means less water pollution.