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Centennial Olympic Park bombing


Centennial Olympic Park bombing at Summer Olympics in Atlanta kills 1 and injures 111

Paula Jones accuses President Clinton


Former Arkansas state employee Paula Jones accuses President Clinton of sexual harassment

Gay college student was brutally murdered


Gay college student Matthew Shepard was brutally murdered near the University of Wyoming. He becomes a symbol of gay-bashing victims and sparking public reflection on homophobia in the U.S

Colmbine High school shooting


Two teenage students murder 13 other students and teachers at Columbine High School. It is the deadliest mass murder at a high school in U.S. history, and sparks debates on gun control and bullying.

Killing of seventeen U.S. Navy sailors.


The Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, the USS Cole (DDG-76) is bombed in Yemeni waters, killing seventeen U.S. Navy sailors.

George Walker Bush inaugurated


George Walker Bush inaugurated as the 43rd President of the United States.

Beltway sniper


10 people are killed and 3 are injured in the Beltway sniper attacks around the Washington D.C. area.

Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates


Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates upon re-entry to the Earth's atmosphere, killing all 7 astronauts and resulting in a 29-month suspension of the space shuttle program

Reagan dies


Former U.S. President Ronald Wilson Reagan dies from complications resulting from Alzheimer's Disease. He lies in state at the U.S. Capitol building before being interred

Bush is inaugurated


George W. Bush is inaugurated to his second-term

I-35W Mississippi River bridge


The I-35W Mississippi River bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota collapses, killing 13 people. The bridge collapse brings to national attention the need to rehabilitate the aging U.S. infrastructure system.

Northern Illinois University shooting


A student kills 5, injures 21, and then kills himself in the Northern Illinois University shooting. After this incident, calls are made for more focus on mental health services and interest grows substantially in the group Students for Concealed Carry on Campus.

Obama II is inaugurated


Barack Hussein Obama II is inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States. He is also the first African-American to hold the office.

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