Drug Abuse


First Drug Abuse

5000 B.C

The Sumerians use opium, suggested by the fact that they have an ideogram for it which has been translated as HUL, meaning “joy” or “rejoicing"

Alcohol Is Made

3500 B.C

Earlist historical record of the production of alcohol: the description of a brewery in an an Egyptian papyrus.

Poppy Seeds

2500 B.C

Earlist historical evidence of the eating of poppy seeds among the Lake Dwellers on Switzerland.The long search for euphoria


1000 B.C

Opium is widely used in China and the Far East.

The Neutral Spirit

350 A.C

Bishop of Constantinople: “I hear man cry, ‘Would there be no wine! O folly! O madness!’ Is it wine that causes this abuse? No, for if you say, ‘Would there were no light!’ because of the informers, and would there were no women because of adultery

Abraham Lincon


Abraham Lincoln: “In my judgment, such of us as have never fallen victims, have been spared more from the absence of appetite, than from any mental or moral superiority over those who have. Indeed, I believe, if we take habitual drunkards as a class, their heads and their hearts will bear an advantageous comparison with those of any other class.”



Cocaine is isolated in its pure form

compulsory abstinence from alcohol


The Personal Liberty League of the United States is founded to oppose the increasing momentum of movements for compulsory abstinence from alcohol.

Dr. William Stewart Halsted


Dr. William Stewart Halsted, is a morphine addict. He continues to use morphine in large doses throughout his phenomenally successful surgical career lasting until his death in 1922.



Cigarettes are illegal in fourteen states, and ninety-two anti-cigarette bills are pending in twenty-eight states. Young women are expelled from college for smoking cigarettes.

The Marijuana Tax Act is enacted.


The Marijuana Tax Act is enacted. On Oct 8 1937, a Mr Samuel Caldwell is arrested and begins 4 years hard labour for selling 2 joints.Sam Caldwell, the first guy to be arrested for pot, in 1937. He did 4 years hard labour for selling 2 joints



According to some estimates there are 40,000,000 opium smokers in China.