Alaska Timeline

Ronnie and Noah


Service The Dodge

06/21/2014 8:00 - 6/21/14 9:00

We will get the Dodge serviced at Super Lube Plus in Benson and will cost $65.00. We will top off the truck's fuel tank as well.The gas will cost $10.00

Pre-Order Food

6/21/14 10:00

We will call Little Caesars, Nico's, and Jack in the Box and pre-order $300 worth of burritos (59 Burritos),$100 of Little Caesars (18 Pizzas), and $50 worth of Jack in the Box (10 Bacon Ultimate Cheese Burgers)and pick up when finished. The food will total $450.00.

Load Up Dodge

6/21/14 10:30 - 6/21/14 1:00 pm

We will be sleeping in the back of the truck in free camping sites or in Walmart parking lots when we get to Alaska so we will load up our camping gear. We found enough ice chests between us for all our food and will buy ice at Walmart that will cost $6 for 3 bags.

Go to Walmart

6/21/14 2:00 pm - 6/21/14 4:00 pm

Go to Walmart in Benson and buy two cases of 24 pack water bottles, for $3.49 a case and totaling $6.98.

Driving Time Total

6/23/14 4:00 am - 6/26/14 4:00 am

This is not the exact driving time we included the gas stops we will be making. It will take about three days of straight driving.

Hit the Road

6/23/14 4:00 am - 6/23/14 10:00 am

This is the duration that Noah will be driving to start us off. We will switch every 6 hours.

Gas Bill Total

6/23/14 4:00 am

We will arrive in Fairbanks Alaska after three days and our gas bill will total $994.00 one way.

First Switch

6/23/14 10:00 am - 6/23/14 4:00 pm

This will be Ronnie's turn to drive for six hours. We will continue to switch driving every six hours and make a total of 12 switches until arrive. We will only be stopping for gas when needed. We will make 15 gas stops. We will eat as we drive from all our food supplies.

Arrival at Fairbanks Alaska

6/26/14 4:00 am

This is when we will arrive at Fairbanks Alaska. We will go to WalMart537 Johansen Expy
Fairbanks, AK 99701 and sleep in the parking lot.

Day in Alaska

6/26/14 8:00 am - 6/26/14 10:30 pm

This will be our day in Fairbanks Alaska. We will get up at 8 in the morning. After our arrival at 4 in the morning and drive to Simard Automotive and get the Dodge serviced which will cost $70.00. Then we will buy mudding tires that will cost $296.99 a piece and total $1484.95 for four tires and a spare, the labor cost is $125. Then we will buy and have the auto place put in a turbo charger that will cost $1114.76 for the turbo and $387.14 for the labor. We found a Honda motorcycle for $1990 dollars and bought it. The motorcycle was across the street from the auto place so we didn't have to drive any where. During the truck's labor we walked around and just shot the breeze. The mechanics let us get food from the truck when we needed it.

Drive Home

6/27/14 4:00 am - 6/30/14 4:00 am

This is our driving time for going home. One of us will ride the motorcycle the other will drive. When one needs to sleep we will put he bike in the truck.

Gas Bill Total (One Way)


We will have spent $1304 on gas for the way home because we bought the bike and that needed gas as well.

Split the Remainder


We will split the remaining $992.17.

Give Away $1000


We will give $1,000 in cash to the hobo that stands in front of Safeway.