Wright Brothers


Wilbur was born

April 16, 1867

Move from Milville, Indianna to Dayton, Ohio


Orville was born

August 19, 1871

West Side News newspaper begins to publish weekly

March 1, 1889

The Wright brother's mother died

July 4 1889

Orville drops out of high school

April 30, 1890

Wright Cycle Company opens


The brothers started a weekly magazine

October 20, 1894

Orville invented a machine that could multiply and add


Orville almost died from typhoid


Wilbur wrote a letter to the Smithsonian for info on flight experiments


The brothers built a biplane kite to test "wind-warping".


The first attempt of a propelled flight, the pane crashed and was destroyed

December 14, 1903

Orville flew the plane for 12 seconds and about 120 feet

December 17, 1903

The brothers moved to Huffman Prairie, Ohio so they could be closer to home


The brother's French and German patent was granted

March 1904

The brothers made a plane that was able to fly for about 39 minutes.


The brothers joined the Aero club of America


The brother's patent from the U.S. was granted

May 22, 1906

Charles W. Furnas was the first passenger who flew in a plane.

May 14, 1908

Wilbur arrived in Paris to demonstrate the Write plane.

May 29, 1908

Lt. Thomas Selfridge was the first person who died in a propelled airplane.

September 17, 1908

Orville travels and finds the German and French Wright companies struggling

November 1910

Wilbur died

May 20, 1912

The Wright brother's father died

April 3, 1916

Orville died

January 30, 1948