US History Timeline

US Arms Race

US conducts first ever nuclear test

July 16, 1945

-First US nuclear weapon named "Trinity" from New Mexico.
-This marks the beginning of the Nuclear Age.

US drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima

August 6, 1945

The US throws a uranium bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima, killing more than 140,000 people within months. (Overlap between Cold War/Arms Race and WWll)

(Destruction from bomb)

US drops bomb on Nagasaki

August 9, 1945

The US explodes a plutonium bomb over Nagasaki. An estimated 74,000 people die by the end of 1945.

US tests first Hydrogen bomb

November 1, 1952

The US raises the stakes in the nuclear arms race by creating the first hydrogen bomb in the Marshall Islands.

US drops an H-Bomb!

March 1, 1954

The US detonates a 17-megaton hydrogen bomb, “Bravo”, in the Pacific Ocean, contaminating a Japanese fishing boat, Lucky Dragon.

Soviet Union Arms Race

Soviet Union tests first nuclear bomb

August 29, 1949

The Soviet Union explodes a nuclear weapon code-named “First Lightning” in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan. It becomes the second nation to develop and successfully test a nuclear device.

Nuclear Chain

December 25, 1949

The Soviet Union achieves its first nuclear chain reaction in Moscow.

First thermonuclear, fusion bomb test

August 1, 1953

First thermonuclear, fusion or hydrogen bomb test carried out by the Soviet Union.

Largest bomb test conducted

October 30, 1961

The Soviet Union explodes the most powerful bomb ever: a 58-megaton atmospheric nuclear weapon, nicknamed the “Tsar Bomba”, over Novaya Zemlya off northern Russia.

The Cuban Missiles...

October 16 1962 - October 29, 1962

A stand-off begins when the US discovers Soviet missiles in Cuba. The US blockades Cuba for 13 days. The crisis brings the US and Soviet Union to the brink of nuclear war.

US Space Race

First Solar Powered Satellite

March 17, 1958

Vanguard 1, sponsored by NRL. (Naval Research Laboratory)

First weather satellite

February 17, 1959

Named Vanguard 2, sponsored by NASA

First Satellite in a polar orbit

February 28, 1959

Name: Discoverer 1
Sponsor: USAF/ARPA

First Successful Spy Satellite

July 5, 1960

Name: GRAB 1
Sponsored: NRL

First telecommunications satellite

August 12, 1960

Name: Echo 1A
Sponsor: NASA

Soviet Union Space Race

First artificial satellite

October 4, 1957

First artificial satellite that got signal from space. Name: Sputnik 1

First lunar spacecraft

January 2, 1959

First rocket engine restart in Earth orbit
First detection of solar wind. Name: Luna 1

Impact from Moon!

September 14, 1959

First impact into Moon Name: Luna 2

First pictures of the Moon

October 7, 1959

First photos of far side of the Moon Name: Luna 3

First scientific life to return

August 19, 1960

First animals and plants returned alive from space Name: Korabl-Sputnik 2