Arms and Space Race

US Arms Race

First Ever Atomic Bomb

July 16, 1945

We began the threat of Nuclear War being the first to test an atomic bomb.

Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima

August 6, 1945

This was the first atomic bomb dropped during war.

First Test of the Hydrogen Bomb

November 1, 1952

The US detonated the world's first thermonuclear weapon. This weapon was 1,000 times more powerful than conventional nuclear weapons. This put us in head of the SU for some time.

US Develops ICBM Technology/ Atlas A

June 11, 1957

After the USSR started testing of their H- Bomb, the US got their funding back for the ICBM research, after getting it taken away in 1946.

Cuban Missile Crisis

October 22, 1962 - October 28, 1962

This was the most serious confrontation between the US and the USSR. We discovered the Soviets were in the process of positioning nuclear missiles in Cuba.

Soviet Union Arms Race

USSR Detonates "First Lightning"

August 29, 1949

This was the detonation of the SU's first atomic bomb.

Successful H-bomb

August 12, 1953

They successfully have a hydrogen bomb test.

First ICBM Missile

August 21, 1957

This missile was named the R-7. They posed a huge threat to the US, because they could now hit us from longer distances.

U-2 Incident

May 1, 1960

A USAF spy craft was shot down over USSR.

The Tsar Bomba

October 30, 1961

The SU exploded the most powerful bomb ever. It was a 58-megaton atmospheric nuclear weapon.

US Space Race

Explorer 1

January 31, 1958

This was our first successful attempt at getting a satellite into outer space. That same year in July NASA was formed.

Tiros 1

April 1, 1960

First successful weather satellite launched.

Alan B. Shepard First American In Space

May 5, 1961

He is the first American in space.

Ranger 7

July 31, 1964

This spacecraft transmits the first close range images of the Moon.

Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin

July 20, 1969

They are are first men to walk on the moon.

Soviet Union Space Race

Sputnik 1

October 4, 1957

After the Open Skies was proposed, the US and SU embarked on the project to build, perfect, and launch the first non-military satellite. The SU launched the first one.

Laika to Space

November 3, 1957

The SU sent the first animal to orbit the Earth to space. It was planned that she would run out of oxygen in 10 days of orbiting. There were thermal problems so she only survived a day.

Luna 1

January 2, 1959

It is the first man made object to orbit the sun.

Yuri Gagarin Reaches Space

April 12, 1961

He was the first man ever to be in space. He also orbited the Earth while in space.

Luna 10

April 3, 1966

The USSR sent Luna 10 into orbit. It was the first space craft to orbit the moon.

Soyuz 4 & 5

July 16, 1969

The USSR successfully docked in space, and transferred two crew members, then returned to Earth.