Ancient Greece and Rome Timeline


Start of Greek Olympics

776 BC

First Messenian war begins

757 bc

Rome was founded by Romulus

753 bc

Homer writes the Illiad and the Odyssey

750 BC

The first Greek coins are introduced

600 bc

Rome becomes a Republic

509 bc

Athens becomes a democrecy

505 BC

Persian War

499 BC

The Parthenon is completed

432 bc

Wars between Athens and Sparta begin (Peloponnesian wars)

404 bc

Destruction of Rome by the Gauls

390 bc

Alexander the Great is born

356 bc

King of Macedonia Phillip II took control of Greece

338 bc

Alexander the Great expands Greece

333 Bc

Alexander th Great conquers Egypt

332 bc

The Hellenstic period begins

323 bc

Alexander the Great dies at Babylon

323 bc

Introduction of gladiator games in Rome

264 bc

Macedonian wars begin

215 bc

Rome conquers Greece making it part of the Roman empire

146 bc

Civil war in Rome

90 bc

Spartacus leads gladiators in an uprising

73 bc

Julius Caeser invades Britain

54 bc

Julius Caeser invades Egypt

47 bc

Julius Caeser defeats Pompey

45 bc

Julius Ceaser becomes first dictator of Rome

45 bc

Julius Caeser is assasinated

44 bc

Octavian takes conrol of Italy

42 bc

Antony and Cleopatra are defeated by Octavian

31 bc

Octavian becomes first emperor of Rome

27 bc