India Timeline


East India Company

1661 - 1857

-Controlled trade with British colonies from London
-Had a private army of sepoys
-Slowly dominated India over time

India Mughal Empire Collapses


-Series of empires rose and fell over centuries
-Warriors invaded India, began to fall apart



3rd Largest in the world

Jewel in the Crown

1707 - 1957

-India had a ton of natural resources
-Most valuable British colony

India Cotton


-Softer than english woll
-High Demand for it
-Very soft and not scratchy

Ram Mohun Roy

1820 - 1833

-Father of modern India
Called end to caste system and old ways

Sepoy Mutiny


-Animal found was used in bullets
-British put down revolt

Direct Control By Britian

1858 - 1947

-India divided into provinces
-Millions ruled by british officers

Mohandas Gandhi

1869 - 1948

-Lived in India, Great Britian and South Africa
-Fough for rights for others

Indian National Congress


-Goal was Independence and modernize
-Wanted self government

Rowlatts Act


-Radicals used violence to protest british rule
-Protesters jailed for 2 years with no trial

Amristar Massacre


-10,000 attened rally to pray and fast
-Public meetings banned
-Opened fire on crowd of people

Sheik Rahman

1920 - 1975

-Bangledish splits from pakistan in 1971
-Ruler of Bangledish

Salt March


-Protest against a tax on salt by Britian
-Protest at the salt worker mine and ended with violence

Goernment Act of India


-Local Self government with small elections
-Muslims feared Hindu rule



-After independence Muslims demanded seperation from india
-Pakistan East and West was created

Jawaharla Nehru

1947 - 1964

-First Prime Minister of India
-Devoted follower of Gandhi
-Made india better (economically)

Battle for Kashmir


-Fighting begins in Kasmir between india and pakistan
-1949 UN ceasefire but tension continues

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

1947 - 1948

-Urged Muslims to resign from ICP
-Muslim league created in 1906

Indira Gandhi


-After became a prime minister
-Terrorists act caused an army attack on a temple

Civil War in Pakistan


-Between east and west pakistan
-Later called themselves Bangledish

General Zia

1977 - 1988

-Leader of Pakistan

Tamil Tigers

1981 - 2009

-Started the civil war
-Mad since they were the minorities

Civil War in Sri Lanka

1981 - 2009

-War lasted a very long time

Rajiv Gandhi


-Killed by terrorist bomb while running for prime minister