Modern India Timeline


1661- 1857 -British East India Company

1661 - 1857

Viewed India as Britain's "Jewel in the Crown"
Made railroads around India for transportation
Did not let India spin its own thread only grow cotton

1707-India's Mughal Empire Collapsed


Kept European traders under control.
Broke into a type of feudal system.

1820-1835 -Ram Mohun Roy

1820 - 1835

Considered the Father of Modern India
Helped start many reforms and changes in India

1857-Sepoy Mutiny


India began to have strong feelings of Nationalism
British put animal fat to grease rounds in cartridges
and both Hindus and Muslims did not like that.

1858-1947 -Britain's Rule of India

1858 - 1947

Britain controlled India and took away many of it's rights.

1869-1948 -Mohandas K. Gandhi

1869 - 1948

A revolutionary leader for India who fought
with nonviolence, boycotts, and strikes.
He preached Civil Disobedience in which
one should refuse to obey unjust laws.

1885-Indian National Congress


A Nationalist group that formed to
fight for self-government and deal
with concerns of India.

1906-Muslim Leauge


A Nationalist group that formed to
fight for self-government and deal
with concerns of India.

1919-Amritsar Massacre


To protest the Rowlatt Acts 10,000 Hindus
had a festival in which they prayed and fasted.
British soldier fired on the people while praying.

1919-Rowlatt Acts


Allowed the government to jail
protesters without trial.

1920-1975 -Sheik Mujibur Rahman

1920 - 1975

Bangladesh's first prime minister
More focused on own power than the nations

1930-The Salt March


Indians were forced to buy salt only from
the government which had very high taxes
on it. So Gandhi gathered people to march
to collect seawater and make their own salt.

1935-Government of India Act


This act provided local self-government
and limited democratic elections. This was
not total independence.

1947-1964 -Jawaharlal Nehru

1947 - 1964

India's first Prime Minister
Ruled for 17 years

1947-1948 -Muhammad Ali Jinnah

1947 - 1948

Leader of Muslim League
Worked with Gandhi to get
self-government for India

1947-Battle for Kashmir


It is an undisputed area of land
Is still being fought over today



Once India is free of British rule is
divides into one Hindu and one
Muslim Nation.

1966-1984 -Indira Gandhi

1966 - 1984

Nehru's daughter
Was elected Prime
Minister after her dad

1971 -Civil War in Pakistan


Split into East and West Pakistan
East declared independent and is
named Bangladesh

1972-1988 -General Zia

1972 - 1988

President of Pakistan
Dies in a mysterious plane crash

1981-2009 Civil War in Sri Lanka

1981 - 2009

Tamil Tigers vs Sinhalese

1981- Tamil Tigers


Hindu minority in the civil war in Sri Lanka

1988-1990 -Benazir Bhutto

1988 - 1990

Was elected prime minister twice(later in 1993-1996)
Ruled durring a time of constant struggle

1990-Rajiv Gandhi


Was Indira's son and was killed by a bomb.