Mahatma Gandhi

This is a timeline of the works of Mahatma Gandhi.


Gandhi accepts a commission to travel to South Africa to advise a lawsuit


Organized Indian Natal Congress


Gandhi establishes the Indian Natal Congress, which is a branch off of the South African Indian Congress. This was one of the first Indian congresses ever created.

Gandhi is beaten by a mob.


He was beaten by a mob of white settlers, but even when this became public knowledge he did not press charges. This event increased Gandhi's support, and the attacker's even publicly apologized to Gandhi.

Gandhi first develops his form of non-violent protesting


When the South African colonial government created the "Asian Population Registration Act", which required all citizens in Asian countries to carry around a card identifying them and with a finger print to make sure they were properly identified, Gandhi first began his non-violent protesting which he referred to as satyagraha, which means devotion to the truth.

Protest in Johannesburg of "Asian Population Registration Act"

August 1908

Gandhi and 2,000 other Indians in Johannesburg burned their cards issued to them by the "Asian Population Registration Act" to protest the act in a non-violent form.

"Asian Population Registration Act" is abolished.


Due to the non-violent efforts of Gandhi and the Indians, and the protesting of the act, the "Asian Population Registration Act" was abolished.

Boycotting of British goods.


Gandhi encourages people to boycott the British goods and instead of getting their clothing from British imports, to instead make their own clothing.

British pass the Salt Act


After the efforts of Gandhi and his followers to boycott British goods, Britain retaliates by passing the Salt Act, which prohibits any Indian citizen from making their own salt. This act could potentially give a citizen up to three years in prison. Gandhi again peacefully protests and ends up in prison once again.

Quit India campaign is launched


Gandhi launches his campaign called Quit India in a peaceful protest against the British rule of India.

Mahatma Gandhi is assassinated.

January 30, 1948

Mahatma Gandhi is assassinated by a Hindu who was unhappy with Gandhi's attempts and achievements at peace.