History C: 1642-46

English Civil War


Nineteen Propositions negotiations - failed

June 1642

New parliaments to be elected every 3 years (Triennial Act of 1641)
King to accept Militia Ordinance
Parliament to approve privy councillors
Parl to appoint 16 Officers of State
King's children tought/governed by approved persons
Church govt. reformed with Parliament's advice
Existing laws to be enforced on Catholics

King raises his standard at Nottingham - START OF WAR

August 1642


October 1642

Indecisive conclusion.

Battle of Turnham Green; Royalist HQ established at Oxford

November 1642

Royalist march on London halted by the London trained bands

Parliament opens peace negotiations

December 1642

Parliament establishes the Eastern Association (army)

December 1642

Manchester's army - became the beating heart of Parliament's war effort in 1643, its 'engine of victory'. Held East Anglia from Royalists.

Parliament's weekly Assessment Ordinance

February 1643

Oxford Treaty negotiations begin & collapse

February 1643 - April 1643

Demands the same as in the Nineteen Propositions of June 1642
Charles refused

Westminster Assembly meets

July 1643

Set up by Parliament; aimed to plan Presbyterian Church of England

Prince Rupurt captures Bristol (ROYALIST)

July 1643

Parliament introduces excise tax

July 1643

Parl. signs Solemn League and Covenant with the Scots

September 1643

First Battle of Newbury

September 1643

Decisive Parliamentary victory, despite a feeling of dejection afterwards (internal revolt/discontent - Gentles)

"Cessation" in war in Ireland

September 1643

Oxford (Royalist) parliament meets

Jan 1644

Committee of Both Kingdoms established as 'govt' by Parl and Scots

Feb 1644

Parliamentary victory at BATTLE OF MARSTON MOOR

July 1644

Royalists lose control of the North

Montrose defeats Covenanter forces in Scotland

Sept 1644

Quarrel between Cromwell and Manchester in Commons over conduct of war

December 1644

New Directory of Public Worship drawn up by Westminster Assembly

Jan 1645

Replaced the Book of Common Prayer


Jan 1645

New Model Army ordinance

Feb 1645

Commanded by Fairfax

Self Denying Ordinance

Apr 1645

MPs to resign military commands. Cromwell exempted (repeatedly thereafter)


June 1645

Parl establishes national Presbyterian church and bans Prayer Book

Aug 1645

Parliament takes Bristol & control of the West Country

September 1645

Covenanter forces slaughter Montrose's army at Philiphaugh

September 1645

Forces led by David Leslie

Oxford surrenders, END OF FIRST CIVIL WAR

May 1646

Charles surrenders to Scots at Newark.

May 1646