The history of the snowboarding-how it appeared,developed and snowboarding nowdays.


The first reference


It was made by Tom Sims.Originally, it was a simpleskateboard that was perfect in form. Few people looked not seriously at this invention, but That stubbornly continued to improve his work and achieved amazing results. He became the first in history manufacturer of snowboards and put them on sale under the name SIMS Snowboards. First, snowboards had no mounts. All security athlete was limited by a rope attached to the front side of the Board, for which you could stick to maintain equilibrium

The growing of the popularity


Only explicit fans of this session gave him all the time. For many years known winter resorts forbaded the snowboarders. And this situation started to change only in the late 80's.

From entertainment to sport


Actually, from entertainment to sports snowboarding developed in 1981. Then there was the first contest riders in the American Leadville, Colorado. And five years passion for riding a Board on snow began to conquer Europe. As it often happens to them, the Americans at first wouldn't put Europeans as snowboarders. In 1987 Americans and Europeans individually hold their major competitions. Those and others call them the world Cup. However, reconciliation happened quickly. Already next year, the first time played in the world Cup competition includes two stages in Europe and two in America.

From this moment the active world "aggression" snowboard begins.

the international Federation of snowboarding-ISF


In 1989 the international Federation of snowboarding (International Snowboard Federation (ISF)was founded, officially representing the interests snowboarders

the first world championship in Austria.


1993-international Federation of snowboarding RT -the first world championship in Austria.

one of the disciplines of skiing in Olympic Games.


In 1996 FIS recognized and "loved" snowboard, and the international Olympic Committee has included it in its programme as one of the disciplines of skiing.

debut snowboarding as an Olympic sport.


February 1998 - the date of debut snowboarding as an Olympic sport. It happened at the Olympic games in Japan Nagano. But the so-called extreme sport could not paint his exit at the Olympic arena in extreme tone. Canadian snowboarder Ross Rebagliati wins the first in the history of the sport Olympic gold medal. Fanfares...