The wars 1948-1973


Dier Yassin


120 Irgun members attacked the Palestinian village of Dier Yassin which was in the Palestinian UN territory. 156 arabs killed. Irgun claims it was searching for weapons. Arabs claim it was a massacre, at this created a refugge crisis as many palestinians fled homes in fear.

State of Israel is declared

14 May 1948

1948 War

May 15 1948 - January 1949

In retaliation to this the combined forces of Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan attack. However these armies were disorganised and easily defeated, but Jordan managed to capture the east bank of Jerusalem and the West Bank. The Israelis managed to occupy 77% of Palestinian Land.The Kissing points disappeared. 700, 000 jews now live in Israel - and only around 100, 000 arabs - 700, 000 were refugees.

Suez Crisis


The Suez Canal, a vital trade route, was nationalised by Egyptian president Nasser. This made Britain and France angry. Meanwhile Israel was being attacked by the Feyadeen on its southern border so made secret agreements with Britain and France to attack Egypt. Israel made quick progress and advanced to the Suez despite Britain and France being slow to intervene. (But when they did intervene, they were successful.)However the US was against nationalism and was scared that Russia might be provoked as it was supplying weapons to Egypt forced the countries to withdraw. The canal was reopened, Nasser was declared a hero, and the Feyadeen attacks were dealt with.

The Six Day War

June 1967

Against Jordan, Egypt and Iraq
5th June - Destroyed the Egyptian, Jordanian and Iraq airforce. Jordan invades.
6th June - Israel destroyed Egyptian troops and vehicles with Infantry and Planes. Heavy fighting against Jordan on the West Bank.
7th June - Israel captures the Sinai desert and accepts UN ceasefire. Israelis control all of Jerusalem and Jordan accepts the ceasefire.
8th June - Egypt accepts UN ceasefire. Israelis have control of the west bank the the river Jordan.
9th June - Israel attacks the Golan Heights.
10th June Israel gets control of the Golan Heights. Syria accepts Ceasefire.
Arabs lost 1500 territories and Israel lost 1000 men. Occupied Territories - the Sinai, Golan heights, West Bank, Gaza Strip

Resolution 242

July 1967

Sponsored by lord Caradon
1. Withdrawal of Israel from the Occupied Territories.
2. To have secure recognisable boundaries.
3. A settlement to be created to help the refugee crisis. Israel needs to take care of refugees.
It passed, but nether implemented.

The PLO hijack Israel bound plane in Athens.


Israel retaliates by attacking refugee camps.

PLO in Jordan


The Jordanian king, fearful of Israeli vengeance limits PLO numbers in Jordan. 4 planes belonging to foreign companies are hijacked. Fearful of the US intervening expels the PLO and kills 10, 000 in the struggles. PLO flee to Syria and Jordan. (the plane passengers were freed.)

Assassination of Jordanian PM


In revenge for shutting down PLO bases the Jordanian PM is assassinated in Egypt by Black September. Further letter bombs sent to Jordan embassies.

Munich Olympics


Israeli athletes held hostage at Munich Olympics. 9 die. The Israelis release 200 palestinians before killing another 200.

Yom Kippur War


Sadat of Egypt organised a joint attack on Israel on the Jewish day on atonement, after Israel refused to negotiate with him (Moshe Dayan: Israel does not have a foreign policy. It only has a defence policy.). Egypt was initially successful, aided by Russia, and stormed across the Sinai. However Golda Meir rallied troops and the Israelis started to defeat the Syrians in the north and the Egyptians in the south, pushing back across the Golan Heights and the Sinai. Sadat makes heroic speech and accepts UN ceasefire but the Israelis continue to push and get very close to Cairo and Damascus and starts bombarding them. Faisal of Saudi Aravia, who had been supplying money to Egypt, stops Saudi oil imports to the US and Netherlands. So the US forces Israel to withdraw.