Britain (1483-1529)


Edward IV dies suddenly

April 1 1483 - April 2 1483

Leads to intense Yorkist feud which restarts War of the Roses

Richard arrests Rivers et al.

May 1 1483

Woodvilles hoped Edward V would be coronated on

May 4 1483

Richard executes Hastings for treason

June 13 1483

Friar Shaw preaches that Richard the Protector has the right to rule

June 22 1483

Richard formally declared accession to the throne from this date

June 26 1483

Reign of Richard III

Royal family on Procession

July 1483 - September 1483

Happiest period of the whole reign


July 6 1483

Oyer and Terminer Commission

July 29 1483

Fires a distraction to find Princes in the Tower?

Buckingham Rebellion

October 1483 - November 1483

Domestic uprising which was also joined by Buckingham. Ran by Edward and sons loyalists. (Stirred into action by the rumours of Princes' murders)

Richard's first and only Parliament

January 1484

Passed Titulus Regius and Acts of Attainder

Battle of Bosworth

August 22 1485

Richard III killed during 'Final charge' and Henry Tudor made Henry VII

Reign of Henry VII

English exploration begins


Navigation Acts 1 and 2

1485 - 1489

Henry VII coronated

30 October 1485

First parliament

7 November 1485

1) Declared King's title
2) Attainders
3) Finances
4) Legislation

Henry VII marries Elizabeth of York

18 January 1486

Popular as joined two warring sides together. (Propaganda)

Lovell Rebellion

April 1486

Insurrections led by loyal Ricardians (Francis, Lovell and the Stafford brothers.) Led to sanctuary being changed- not for treason. King learnt need to protect the dynasty and country.

Challenge from Lambert Simnel

May 1486 - 16 June 1487

Ended at Battle of Stoke, King lenient.

Parliament 2


Deal with lawlessness and finances after Battle of Stoke

Breton Crisis

1487 - 1492

Henry backed Brittany against French absorption. Caused friction with France.

Star Chamber Act


Heard charges against nobles who broke laws on retaining or maintenance.

Treaty of Dordrecht


Maximillian agreed to send troops to Brittany to help Henry against French absorption and Hnery would send 3,000 troops to help Maximillian against Flemish and French.

Treaty of Medina Del Campo


Ferdinand and Henry mutual defence of their countries, Spain don't accept rebels of pretenders, Catherine of Aragon marries Prince Arthur.

Parliament 3

1489 - 1490

Fund royal army for expedition against France

Treaty of Redon


Anti-French alliance with Ferdinand and Maximillian, with Bretons agreeing to cover costs of 3,000 strong British army.

Yorkshire Rebellion

April 1489 - May 1489

The defected Northumberland murdered by the rebels after King tried to raise taxes.

Parliament 4

1491 - 1492

Fund expedition against France

Perkin Warbeck Pretence

May 1491 - August 1499

1491= Starts in Ireland, claiming to be Richard, Duke of York.
1492= Flees to France, received by Charles VIII.
1493= Burgundy embargo
1494= Secures backing of Holy Roman Emperor
1495= First attempt to invade England
1496= Second invasion of England, backed by Scots.
1497= Third attempt to invade, surrenders.
1498= Imprisoned in Tower of London but tries to escape.
1499= Hanged for treason.

Treaty of Etaples


Ouwits Warbeck as one of the conditions is that France won't receive any pretenders.

Change from Exchequer to Chamber


Much more efficient

Burgundian Trade Embargo

1493 - 1496

Banished Burgundian traders in England in retaliation to Margaret of Burgundy's continued support for Warbeck.

Parliament 5


Manage threat of Warbeck

Intercursus Magnus


Removed trade barriers between England and Burgundy.

Cornish Rebellion


Tax rise in Cornwall to fund war against Scotland led to rebellion. Marched to London, slaughtered at Blackheath. Didn't raise it again.

Parliament 6


Fund possible war against Scotland

Truce of Ayton


Prevented Scotland backing Warbeck. Marriage arranged between Princess Margaret to marry James IV.

Parliament 7


Raise two feudal levies for Princess Margaret's marriage and Prince Arthur's posthumous knighthood

Castillian Accession Crisis

1504 - 1506

Henry backed Phillip but his sudden death meant that Ferdinand becomes sole ruler of Spain. No retaliation as both scared of France but never trusted each other fully.

Treaty of Blois


Ferdinand signs with France, no longer needed England after he wins Castillian Accession.

Intercursus Malus/ Treaty of Windsor


Between England and Burgundy but abandoned as gave too much to England.

Treaty of Cambrai


France and Spain alliance against Venice. Excluded Henry.



Reign of Henry VIII

Marries Catherine of Aragon


Rise of Wolsey

1509 - 1515

Especially due to Wolsey driving Henry's Pro-war counsel for France.


22 June 1509

Holy League (Anti-France)


Pope + Venice + Switzerland + Ferdinand.

War against France

1512 - 1514

To claim ancient birth right. Supported by Catherine (To help Ferdinand's ambitions) and Beaufort died which helped both Henry and Wolsey.

Wolsey= Chief Minister

1515 - 1529

Maximillian becomes Holy Roman Emperor


Amicable Grant


Wolsey's attempt to fund 2nd war with France but lead to rebellion. BIG FAILURE! Caused beginnings of rift between Wolsey and Henry(Beginning of the end!)

Fall of Wolsey

1525 - 1529

Amicable Grant
Failure to get annulment
Sack of Rome
Catherine's resistance
Wolsey's weaknesses
Henry leading the Great Matter

Sack of Rome


Means Pope was effectively Charles V's prisoner. Has repercussions later with Great Matter.

Great Matter

May 1527

Wants to annul marriage to Catherine of Aragon

Finances split between Chamber and Privy Purse


Luther's '95 Theses' published