Serbian History timeline


The Belgrade Spring erupts among studentry of Yugoslavia,


new federal Constitution awards greater powers to individual republics/provinces


The Memorandum of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts is proclaimed


Slobodan Milošević delivers his Gazimestan Speech

28 June 1989

calling for "full equality among peoples of Yugoslavia"

The Parliament of Croatia ratifies a new Constitution


declaring the indigenous Serbs of Croatia a national minority

The Slovenian independence referendum passes


serb-populated regions of Croatia organize a poll on their self-rule


people gather in Belgrade peacefully demonstrating against Slobodan Milošević.


The government orders "restoration of order" by force deploying tanks onto the streets of the capital.

Croatian War of Independence begins


Security forces of the Republic of Croatia clash with rebel Serbs of Croatia as they take over the Serb-populated territories

The Borovo Selo massacre


Croatian police-officers attempt to change the Yugoslav flag with the Croatian one

Serb forces and the JNA start to attack Croatian-majority areas

June 1991

Serb paramilitary forces kill 43 civilians in the Voćin massacre

June 1991

Serb forces embark on an ethnic cleansing campaign

June 1991

20 Serbs are massacred in the town of Gospić

16 October 1991

the Lovas massacre begins in which Serb paramilitary forces kill 70 civilians

19 October 1991

Vukovar falls and Serb paramilitary forces massacre over 250 civilians and POWs

18 November 1991

Second Yugoslavia is abolished


Third Yugoslavia comes into existence

April 1992

The Siege of Sarajevo is officially imposed by the Bosnian Serbs

May 1992

Croatian army invades regions of the Republic of Serbian Krajina