Chris Pestell

Employment History

Tax Accountant at Geers & Pusey

1998 - 2000

Whilst studying an undergraduate degree majoring in Accounting, Jeremy Lu worked full time at Geers & Pusey, a small accounting firm based in Willeton, Western Australia. Key roles and responsibilities included the completion of tax returns for individuals and companies as well as the provision of general advise on tax deductible investments.

Financial Accountant at Asgard Wealth Solutions

2000 - 2002

After finishing with Geers and Pusey, Jeremy Lu commenced employment with Asgard Wealth Solutions(AWS)located in Perth, Western Australia. AWS offers a number of digital platforms for financial advisers and their clients. Jeremy Lu was responsible for assisting with financial transactions, helping organisations better understand financial statements and development of business strategies.

Business Consultant at Quantum Business Technology

2002 - 2006

In 2002 Jeremy Lu left Asgard Wealth Solutions to join Quantum Business Technology (QBT). Located in Stirling, Western Australia QBT offers a range of business and technological services that centered on business optimization and process improvement.

Business Manager at St Georges College

2006 - 2009

After working for Quantum Business Technology for four years Jeremy Lu took up the role as Business Manager at St Georges College located in Crawley, Western Australia. Jeremy worked closely with the development of new residential housing facilities and reviewed the organisations investment reporting systems.

General Manager - Corporate Services & National Services Scheme at Diabetes WA

02/01/2009 - 04/01/2011

In February 2009 Jeremy Lu took up the role of General Manager of Corporate Services and National Services Scheme at Diabetes WA. Located in Subiaco, Western Australia Diabetes WA is a eminent not-for-profit organisaiton working to further the research, support and education of diabetes in the community.

Lecturer at Curtin University - Curtin Business School

01/01/2010 - 01/01/2015

Whilst working as General Manager of Corporate Services at Diabetes WA Jeremy Lu took up an academic role at Curtin University. This move marked the beginning of Jeremy's work in the field of education, a move that proved to be highly influential in the development of Groupmap. Jeremy was involved in the teaching and delivery of courses in business law, accounting and entrepreneurship.

Business Consultant for Otarian (Restaurant Chain owned by the Oswald Group)

06/01/2010 - 01/01/2011

Whilst teaching at Curtin University, Jeremy Lu worked closely with the Oswald Group on developing restaurant chain. The vegetarian restaurants where to be located across the globe with the intention of rivaling fast food giant McDonalds. During this time Jeremy Lu undertook research and development into potential new development sites, business systems and menu development. Jeremy's time with the Oswald Group provided further exposure to leading IT development companies which helped encourage (subconsciously) the development of Groupmap.

School Business Manager at Curtin University

05/01/2011 - 01/01/2015

Following the collapse of the Oswald Group, Jeremy Lu began the role of School of Science School Business Manager with Curtin University. Jeremy has been highly influential in facilitating broad sweeping organisational change, restructuring school departments and improving business processes within the School. Time spend in this role has only served to further highlight the need for a real time collaborative brain storming tool such as Groupmap. In this role Jeremy Lu is well positioned to engage with academic and genral staff both in and outside of the university. The ability to network at this level has helped facilitate the diffusion of Groupmap in the education sector.

Incubate Program Manager at Curtin University

01/01/2014 - 04/01/2014

While working as School Business Manager for Curtin University Jeremy Lu also run Curtin's Incubate program. Incubate is a business accelerator for entrepreneurial start ups and helps guide participants through business design and commercialization phases. Jeremy's role as manager and mentor helped develop four new start ups over a four month period.

GroupMap Key Milestones

GroupMap officially founded


Entered WApp competiton (Did not make finalist shortlist)


GroupMap makes OzApp finals


GroupMap used at PauseFest 2013


GroupMap attend Gartner IT Expo


GroupMap used for Curtin University Values Challenge


Confirm license agreement with Curtin University


GroupMap used at PauseFest 2014


GroupMap used at Curtin Festival of Learning


GroupMap facilitates strategic planning day- 55 Central