Abrahamic Religions


Adam and Eve

3760 BCE

Traditional date of creation of Adam and Eve, according to creationist timeline.

The Flood

2150 BCE

Noah loads the ark with 2 of every animal, and God saves them from the flood. God makes a new covenant with Noah to never flood the world again.

Time of Abraham and the Patriarchs

2000 BCE - 1500 BCE

This includes Abraham's covenant with God, and also the birth of Isaac and Ishmael.

Issac is born

1897 BCE

Abrahamic Covenant

1743 BCE

God makes his covenant with Abraham

Time in Egypt

1500 BCE - 1280 BCE

In this time, the Jews were held slaves by the Egyptians and eventually God freed them by using the plagues and Moses.

Time of the Judges

1200 BCE - 1050 BCE

During this period, individual judges guided the Hebrew people.

Torah Compiled

1200 BCE - 400 BCE

In this time period the Torah was compiled.

Time of the Prophets

1050 BCE - 450 BCE

God sends prophets to guide the Hebrew people. The coming of the Messiah is foretold.

King David' Reign

1010 BCE - 970 BCE

David reigns and writes the Book of Psalms.

Israelite Kingdoms

1000 BCE - 586 BCE

This is the time period that includes the 12 tribes and the two kingdoms. The Northern Kingdom is the Kingdom of Israel and the Southern Kingdom is the Kingdom of Judah.

Construction of the First Temple

970 BCE - 931 BCE

King Solomon's Reign

970 BCE - 931 BCE

King Solomon reigns and writes the Books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Wisdom, and Sirach, along with the Song of Solomon.

Destruction of the First Temple

586 BCE

Beginning of the Babylonian exile.

Babylonian Exile

586 BCE - 538 BCE

Jews Part of the Persian Empire

538 BCE - 332 BCE

Construction of the Second Temple

520 BCE - 515 BCE

Jews Part of Macedonian Empire

332 BCE - 305 BCE

Jews Part of Ptolemaic Empire

305 BCE - 198 BCE

Jews Part of Seleucid Empire

198 BCE - 141 BCE

Maccabean Revolt

166 BCE - 160 BCE

Jewish revolt against restrictions on Jewish practices and the desecration of the Temple.

Hasmonean State in Judea

141 BCE - 37 BCE

Jews are Part of the Roman Empire

63 BCE - 330 CE

Reconstruction of the Temple

20 BCE

Herod begins to rebuild the Temple.

Time of Jesus' Life

4 BCE - 30 CE

Jesus is born and preaches to the Jewish people.

First Jewish Revolt Against Rome

66 CE - 73 CE

Romans Destroy Second Temple

70 CE

Second Jewish Revolt Against Rome

132 CE - 135 CE

Mishnah Compiled

200 CE

Jewish oral law is Compiled by Judah the Prince.

Jerusalem Ruled by Byzantine Empire

330 CE - 638 CE

Jerusalem Talmud Compiled

368 CE

Jerusalem Under Muslim Rule

638 CE - 1099 CE

Jerusalem Ruled By Crusaders

1099 CE - 1187 CE

Crusaders Take Jeruslalem

1099 CE

Crusader capture the city and massacre thousands of Jews.

Saladin Recaptures Jerusalem

1187 CE

Jerusalem Under Muslim Rule

1187 CE - 1453 CE

Fourth Lateran Council

1215 CE

Persecution of Jews in Protestant Europe.

Jerusalem is Part of the Ottoman Empire

1453 CE - 1917 CE

Jerusalem Under British Mandate

1917 CE - 1948 CE

Adolf Hitler Comes to Power in Germany

1933 CE

The Holocaust

1939 CE - 1945 CE

Israel Declares Independence

1948 CE

Arab-Israeli War

1948 CE

Split Jordan/Israeli Rule of Jerusalem

1948 CE - 1967 CE

Israeli Control of Jerusalem

1967 CE - Present

Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

1990 CE - Present

There is currently a conflict over the Gaza Strip, both countries think that they have claim to it.


The Birth of Christ


This is the birth of Jesus Christ from the virgin Mary. Jesus is raised in the town of Nazareth

Teachings of Christ

27 CE - 30 CE

During this time Christ taught his principles and wisdom.

The Crucifixion of Christ

30 CE

This is the death of Christ.

Christianity Proliferates Around the World

30 CE

Christianity is spread around the world.

The Conversion of Paul

35 CE

Saul, a persecutor of Christians, is converted in a confrontation with God, and goes on to become one of the greatest disciples of Christianity.

The Council of Jerusalem

49 CE

This meeting determined that Gentile converts to Christianity did not have to follow most of the Laws of Moses

The New Testament is Written

50 CE - 150 CE

The entirety of the New Testament is written by various different authors.

Emperor Constantine's conversion to Christianity

312 CE

Edict of Milan

313 CE

Establishes official toleration of Christianity in the Roman Empire.

Time of the First 7 Ecumenical Councils

325 CE - 793 CE

Christianity made Official Religion of Roman Empire

380 CE

Great Schism

1054 CE

First Crusade

1096 CE - 1099 CE

Peoples crusade, called for the freeing the Holy Lands. 1st Crusade led by Count Raymond IV of Toulouse and proclaimed by many wandering preachers.

Second Crusade

1144 CE - 1155 CE

Crusaders prepared to attack Damascus. 2nd crusade led by Holy Roman Emperor Conrad III and by King Louis VII of France

Third Crusade

1187 CE - 1192 CE

Led by Richard Lionheart of England, made a truce with Saladin.

Fourth Crusade

1212 CE

4th Crusade led by Fulk of Neuil French/Flemish advanced on Constantinople.

Western Schism

1378 CE - 1417 CE

Schism created when French cardinals declared Pope Urban VI invalid, electing their own pope, Clement VII.

Fall of Constantinople to Turks

1453 CE

Spanish Inquisition

1478 CE - 1834 CE

Founded by Ferdinand and Isabella

Luther posts 95 Theses

1517 CE

This is the catalyst for the Protestant Reformation.

Henry VIII's Act of Supremacy

1543 CE

King James Version of the Bible Produced

1611 CE

First Great Awakening

1730 CE

Second Awakening begins

1797 CE

Second Vatican Council

1962 CE - 1965 CE


Birth of Ishmael

1911 BCE

Development of Muhammad's Islamic Message

570 CE - 1258 CE

Muhammad's Life

570 CE - 632 CE

Muhammad receives his revelation

610 CE

Caliph Uthman writes the Quran

650 CE

Conquest of Spain

711 CE

Muslims Respond to the Christian Crusades

1095 CE - 1258 CE

Retake much of the progress of the Holy Land Crusades

Constantinople Renamed Istanbul

1453 CE

Constantinople was captured by Muslims, and later became the Ottoman capitol.

Muslims are expelled from Spain

1492 CE

Shi'ite Islam becomes official religion of Persia

1501 CE

Muslim expansion into Europe and North America

1945 CE - Present