Progression Of Hitler Youth


The Beginning of Hitlerjugend


Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) officially formed, with Kurt Gruber as its leader.

Declaration Of Hitler Youth


Hitler Youth is declared the official youth group of the Nazi Party.

BDM Founded


Bund Deutscher Mädel (BDM) founded.


January, 1933

Hitler named chancellor.

Reichstag burns

February, 1933

Reichstag building burns.

Enabling Acts

March, 1933

Enabling Acts grants Hitler dictatorial powers.

School Law

April, 1933

Law passed against "overcrowding" of German schools.

Nazis Boycotts

April, 1933

Nazis boycott Jewish stores and businesses.

Hitler Youth Raids

April, 1933

Hitler Youth raid Berlin Headquarters of German Youth Association.

Burning Books

May, 1933

Nazis burn books.


June, 1933

Schirach appointed youth leader of the German Reich.


October, 1934

Hindenburg dies and Hitler becomes Führer.

Reich Land Service

October, 1934

Reich Land Services sends city children to work on farms.

Initiation of RLS


Hitler initiates Reich Labor Service and begins to rearm military.

Nuremberg Laws

September, 1935

Nazis pass Nuremberg Laws against the Jews.


December, 1936

Hitler Youth Law makes membership compulsory for all eligible youth, ages 10-18.

Toughened Up Hitler Youth Law

March, 1939

Hitler toughens Hitler Youth Law, conscripting remaining eligible youth.

BDM Help

December, 1939

BDM help ethnic Germans move into Polish farms.

Artur Axmann

August, 1940

Artur Axmann succeeds Schirach as Hitler Youth Leader.

Solely by HY

January, 1943

Antiaircraft batteries manned solely by Hitler Youth.

The 12th SS

June, 1943

The 12th SS Panzer Grenadier Hitlerjugend Division officially activated.


May, 1945

Germany surrenders unconditionally.