Development of Marriage in the Bible


Genesis 37: Levirate Marriage

1000 BC

Levirate means 'Brother in law'.
When a mans married brother dies the man is obligated to marry the wife who is left, and the first son will bare the name of the deceased.
Reason: son is needed to inherit the dead mans property.
The widow needed protection and support
Male heir insured that the family property was kept i
immediate family.

Proverbs: All the Days of My Life

538 BC

"All the days of my life' usually said by couples at weddings.
Proverbs warns men of adultery. Says 'May you always be invigorated by each other love

Isaiah:Bride and Bridegroom

500 BC

Bride and Bridegroom became a metaphor or symbol for the relationship between israel and God.
Israel is the bride and God is the Bridegroom.
Forgiving people in the relationship. Gods love is that through all of Israel infidelities, god always remains willing to take it back.

Ezra: Who Belongs, and Who Does Not?

400 BC

Ezra tells the people to reject their foreign wives and children. As history had taught that intermarriage led to the watering down of their faith and of peoples loyalty to the religious practices. They believed the only way to survive was to separate themselves from outsider.

1 Corinthians: Living Well

56 AD

Paul helps people to understand that God's desire is for us to live well. All gifts from God, including food and sexuality, are meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. They can also be misused and if they are people miss out on the joy and purpose intended by God.
Sexual intercourse- Meant to bond a man and women for life. Fornication- Sexual intercourse between people who are not married and it diminishes the full joy and beauty of sexual intimacy as God intended.
God doesn't want people hurt by his grift but instead to experience its fullness in marriage.

Matthew: Catholic Connections

85 AD

Pharisees tests Jesus about but he speaks about marriage. Focusing on the positive rather then the negatives. Catholics celebrate god positive view in the sacrament of Marriage.