JUNE 18, 1964


SEPTEMBER 27, 1971

My father passed away at age 37 from brain cancer. His death impacted my views on every aspect of life and radically changed the woman I became.

Began dating a black classmate

August 15, 1979

This was a significant event because racism was alive and well during that time period. I was ostracized, criticized, threatened with death, family and friends disowned me. This radically changed the person i am today.

High School Graduation

May 27, 1982

Joined the Army

March 7, 1984

Married Phillip Campbell

August 16, 1987 - October 5, 1994

Learned a lot about relationships, parenting and drug addiction.

Released from the Army

March 8, 1988

Decided that I was not going to progress well in the Army as a female in the career field I was in. I was one of a few women that had been allowed into the Engineer branch to open it up to women. It was a sometimes fun, sometimes painful experience. Breaking ground can sometimes break you for a moment.

Phillip Jordan Campbell

June 21, 1990

My oldest child. Weighed 9 lbs. 2 oz. and 21 inches long. a wonderful and enlightening experience when you realize you are now responsible completely for someone else.

Married O.C. Scott, Jr

November 26, 1994 - June 16, 2004

My second marriage.


February 2, 1995

Birth of my youngest child. Learned how to be a parent based on their personality.

Miscarriage of 3rd Child

August 28, 1999

This was the last event to push me into the divorce. Before then i was trying to save my marriage. After the miscarriage, I never wanted to see him again.

Re-enlisted in the Army

November 16, 1999

Divorce makes you do crazy things. Once i knew that i was going to be a single mother. I made plans to establish myself as an independent woman and no longer need the presence of a man to make my life. This is significant because in building my life, it has irrevocably changed who I am and exposed me to hardships I never had to experience. And my boys were affected too. The impact on them has not been fully unfolded. But for me, I am struggling to have any kind of relationship with a man.

Divorce finalized

June 17, 2004

This was the freedom from negativity and all things dark in my life. I was determined to take control of my life and make a better life for me and my kids.

Released from active duty a 2nd time

Nov 16, 2004

Because of the war and my divorce, I made the decision to end my enlistment on active duty. My Brigade Commander offered me a job as a civilian in the unit and it was good. Met wonderful people that i still keep in contact with today.

Purchased my first home

October 1, 2010

The first real sign of maturity and growth. First professionally and second personally. I am finally settling down after running away from problems my whole life. I have decided to meet my problems head on and fight for my rights. Life is good now.

Started graduate school

January 6, 2013

Finally working to attain the professional career that I have always wanted. I am glad I waited in many ways. Now I know what I really want to do for the remainder of my life.