British Mandate (Arab-Israeli)


McMahon Agreement


Britain controlled Iran and India, but the land between the two countries is controlled by the Ottomans.The British appeals to the Arabs to eradicate Ottoman Control."Britain is prepared to recognise and support the independence of the Arabs. When the situation allows Britain will assist the Arabs to what may appear to be the most suitable form of government in these territories."

Balfour Declaration


The Treaty of Versailles gave Britain and France Mandates (temporary form of rule) over certain countries. Appealing to the Americans, Lord Balfour decided to allow Jews into Palestine.

Miscellaneous Conflicts against Britain

1920 - 1947

300 British killed.
Lord Moyne, British primeminister of Palestine, assassinated by Lehi.
4 British soldiers hanged.

Jaffa Riots


47 Jewish Deaths. 48 Arab Deaths,

Jerusaleam Riots


133 Jewish Deaths. 110 Arab Deaths.

Arab Revolt

1936 - 1939

Around 5000 Arab Deaths. Between 100 and several hundred Jew deaths. Organised by jewish agency. 20000 British troops drafted in and the Haganah expanded.

Peel Commision


Partition plan proposed by Lord Peel. Recommended that:
1. Abolish the Mandate
2. Partition the country: Jerusalem to Jaffa still under British control. The south under Arab control. The North and coastline under Jewish control.

The McDonald Report


A white paper that said "For the next five years there will be a quota of 10000 jews entering. After the 5 years the arabs can choose to stop Jewish immigration completely. Within 10 years a independent Palestine will be set up."

Bombing of the King David Hotel


The King David Hotel, Britain headquarters, was bombed by the Irgun and Al Lehi disguised as Arabs and through milk cans.
The Primeminister of Isreal later said it was more painful to him than the death of his own son.
88 Killed.

UN Partition Plan

May 1947

Palestine handed over to the UN:
Opposition tot he mandate was increasing in Britain. It was expensive. Troubles mean it was harder to control. The UN partition plan divided the land as followed: 45% Jewish 55% Arab. Jews got the fertile land on the east coast including the port of Jaffa. Had kissing points. Jerusalem and Nazareth made international zones.