The Age of Augustus

Key People

Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus

106 BCE - 48 BCE


106 BCE - 48 BCE

The King of Networking

Julius Caesar

100 BCE - 44 BCE

Dictator for Life
A cunning General, "aim for the face"
Commands respect


95 BCE - 45 BCE


94 BCE - 55 BCE

Wrote the De Rerum Natura, "On the Nature of Things"
He was influenced by greek thought i.e. epicurianism

Lesbius/Clodiius Pulcher

92 BCE - 52 BCE

Caelus Rufus

88 BCE - 48 BCE


85 BCE - 42 BCE


84 BCE - 54 BCE

Marcus Antonius

83 BCE - 30 BCE


69 BCE - 30 BCE

The greatest latin Poet


65 BCE - 8 BCE

Monster but a gentle dove

Catullus' Death

55 BCE


54 BCE - 2 BCE

Wrote four books of elegies


43 BCE - 18 AD

Best known for his Metamorphoses


50 AD - 120 AD

Wrote the "life of Caesar"

Key Dates


89 BCE

Started push against cicero


70 BCE - 40 BCE

Spouse of Mark Antony


69 BCE - 30 BCE

Lover of Antony and committed suicide with antony after they lost the battle of Actium


63 BCE - 14 AD

Founded the Roman Empire

Battle of Pharsalus

48 BCE

Assassination of Julius Caesar

44 BCE

Golden Age

44 BCE - 38 BCE

Time of great change. From the republic into an EMPIRE

Battle of Philippi

42 BCE

Confiscations of Land

40 BCE

Treaty of Brundisium

40 BCE

Caesar and Antonius make up

Battle of Actium

31 BCE

Played off as a foreign war between Caesar and Cleopatra but was really a civil war against Antony

Triple Tripple

29 BCE

Caesar granted title of Augustus

27 BCE



He was a political advisar to Octavian and he died on this date

Written Works

Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa

63 BCE - 12 BCE

"Philippics II" By Cicero

44 BCE

Cicero's Second Philipic

44 BCE

Virgil's Ecologues

40 BCE


29 BCE

Written by Virgil

Horace's Odes Books 1-3

23 BCE

Virgil's Aeneid

19 BCE

The greatest Roman Epic about the destined founding of Rome

The Carmen Saeculare

17 BCE

A festival hymn

Propertius' Book 4

16 BCE

Horace's Odes Book 4

14 BCE

Ovid Amores

10 BCE

Elegy on love, about Ovid's many love affairs

Ovids Didactic Elegy


The lover of the Amores goes pro! He offers his advice on how to fall into and out of love.

Ovid's Metamorphoses

8 AD

Olympian gods and other myths

Augustus' Res Gestae

14 AD

A very biased account of his life