Fad Diets in History


Low Calorie Diet


You are to eat less than half the recommended daily allowance of calories. Result - restriction of vitamins, rapid weight loss of water and muscle, bad breath, diarrhea, nausea, hair loss.

Cigarette Diet


Promoted through TV slogan - smoke instead of sweet. Result - respiratory problems, cancer, brain damage, death.

Cabbage Soup Diet


Eat soup containing cabbage, capsicum, onions and celery for 7 days straight. Result - lack in calcium, iron, zinc, B vitamins, bloating, excessive weight gain after the 7 days.

Weight Watchers


Tips given on weight loss suited around your life. Meal plans are provided and support groups are held. Results - very expensive, weekly weigh-in's can be uncomfortable

Sleeping Beauty Diet


Heavily sedated to sleep of weight for at least 4 days. Result - drug overdose, coma, death, starvation.

Breatharian Diet


Pretending to eat food but you gulp air instead. Believed to get nourishment from air and sun, not needing food. Result - dehydration, malnutrition, death.

Jenny Craig


Provided with diet food, diet counselling and a diet watcher. Result - mineral deprivation, body shock from different foods.

Zone Diet


40:30:30 = carbs:protein:fat. Very strict diet, where extra protein is eaten that the body does not require. Result - constipation, bad breath, stomach cramps, nausea.

Lemon Detox Diet


Only consume 6-10 drinks per day consisting of lemon, tree syrup, cayenne pepper, salt, herbal tea and water. Results - lack of concentration, hunger, cravings, fat gain, slow metabolism, failure of digestive system.

Chocolate Diet


6 meals a day including one substantial meal, two snacks, one chocolate meal and two chocolate diet shakes. 2 cups of coffee and 2 litres of water must be consumed. Results - chocolate cravings increase,calorie intake is slow for physically hyperactive people, if you don't crave chocolate the diet will not work.

Baby Food Diet


Eat 14 servings of baby food and one healthy adult meal for dinner. Babies have a restricted diet, therefore they get most nutrients from breast-milk. Results - lack and deficiency in iron, zinc, calcium, fatigue.

Acai Berry Diet


Antioxidant berries are consumed and used in conjunction with any other diet to improve weight loss. Results - supplies body with antioxidants, rare berries which are expensive, lack of nutrients.