Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe's biography

The birthday

June 1, 1926

She was born in the Los Angeles County Hospital and called as Norma Jeane Mortenson

The first marriage

June 19, 1942

She was married with James Doherty, then left school and went to live with him.

Start of the career


Norma worked on the factory, there she appeared an army photographer who suggested she to pose for 5 $ an hour, and Norma Jean agreed.

The offer of the 20th Century Fox

August, 1946

She received an offer to conclude a contract with the producing studio 20th Century Fox, where she was working as an extra. There she took the name Marilyn Monroe.

The first divorce

September, 1946

Marilyn got divorced with James Doherty because of her career.

The first film with Marilyn

October, 1948

The movie "Ladies of the Chorus", created by the studio Columbia Pictures, was released. It was the first film, where Marilyn spoke and sang. Marilyn Monroe got a seven-year contract with the studio 20th Century Fox and her role in "The Asphalt Jungle."

The second marriage

January, 1954 - October, 1954

She was married with a baseball player Joe DiMaggio. He was jealous of all men in the world and because of it they got divorced.

The award

March, 1954

Marilyn won the award "The best actress".

Marilyn Monroe Productions

January, 1955

Marilyn announced about the creation of her own corporation "Marilyn Monroe Productions", where she was the president and owner of a controlling stake.

The third marriage

June 29, 1956 - January 20, 1961

She was married with a playwriter Arthur Miller.

The death

August 5, 1962

She was found dead in her villa in Los Angeles. The examination showed, that the cause of her death was the overdose. It was a suicide. But some people says, that it was a murder. Up to date, nobody knows what it was really...

The funeral

August 8, 1962

Marilyn Monroe was interred in a crypt at Corridor of Memories No. 24, at the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles.