The Life of Galileo Galilei


Galileo was born

February 15, 1564

He was born in Pisa, Tuscany, Italy.

Galileo enters University of Pisa to study medicine.


He later decides he wants to study something other than medicine.

Galileo learns about the telescope


Galileo Galilei returns to Padua in an attempt at a chance to innovate the telescope. After getting the magnification to 32 powers, he poiunted it towards the sky.

Galileo sets out to he first philosopher/mathmatician


Galileo Galilei quits his job to try and become the first philosopher and mathematician. He is in Tuscany with the grand duke.

Galileo writings banned by Catholic Church


The Catholic religion makes all the writings of Galileo banned making a complication in his studies and research.

Galileo gets placed on trial by the pope

1632 - 1633

The pope of the Roman Catholic Church, is not pleased with Galileo and his research. The pope puts Galileo on trial for many things.

Galileo Publishes


Galileo Galilei publishes his findings and great work.

Galileo gets house arrest


Galileo Galilei is finally put on an official trial and his punishment is house arrest for 8 years.

Galileo pushes forward


Galileo, although under house arrest manages to publish yet another book. Still working on his research.

Galileo makes a discovery


In the final years of his life, Galileo is able to make a discovery about the moon he discovers that the moon makes monthly wobbles on its axis, called liberations. Months after this, he went completely blind,

Galileo dies

January 8, 1642

When a long illness becomes too much for Galileo Galilei to handle,he dies. His remains are at Santa Croce Church, Florence, Italy.