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Oral Implants used by Etruscans

400 bc

Gold implants used by the Etruscans as early as 400BC

Honduras Earliest Implant Fusion to Bone


The earliest known dental implant that fused with the jaw bone took place around 600 AD, a 1931 Honduran excavation discovered. A young Mayan woman had implanted in her jaw bone three tooth-shaped shells, two of which fused.



Reported on the use of cobalt chromium alloy for bone-anchored implants

Development of numerous implant designs

1940 - 1969

Blade implants most widely used

Trans-mandibular screw implants developed into TMI Box Frame Implant


1960 - 1977

Early 1960s in Gothenborg Branemark & co started developing a novel implant that for clinical function depended on direct bone anchorage.
Research into bone healing - titanium viewing chambers in experimental animals followed by iimplant orientated research and clinical trials

In 1977 there was a 10 year evaluation of Osseointegrated implants

Osseointegration research by Albrektsson et al


Albrektsson et al presented info on a series of background factors that had to be controlled for reliable implant integration to occur