Jackie Robinson's Life

Jackie Robsinson's life

This is a timeline of Jackie Robinson's life

Jackie Robinson was born

January 31, 1919

Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia

1920 - Jackie and his family moved to California


1938 - He was named the region's Most Valuable Player in baseball


1941 Jackie Robinson met his wife Rachel at UCLA


1942 He joined the Army and served during World War II


1945 He joined the Kansas City Monarchs


It was a Negro American League Baseball Team

1945 He was arrested for refusing to move to the back of the bus


All charges were latter dropped against him

1946 He joined the Montreal Royals a farm team for the Dodgers


This was his step into the white Professional Baseball league. He was recruited by Branch Rickey

1946 Jackie Robinson and Rachel Islum got married


They had three children together, Jackie Jr, Sharon and David

1947 Jackie is voted the first ever major league Rookie of the Year.


This was the first time they ever offered this award to anyone. Two years later it became a standard for each league to vote on a Rookie of the year

1947 He signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers


He was first African-American player in Major League Baseball. The owner Branch Rickey knew it would be rough for him so he tested his ability to stay calm while people were insulting him.

1949 Jackie is voted the National Baseball leagues Most Valuable Player


1955 The Dodgers claim their first World Championship


1957 Jackie retires from professional baseball


1962 Jackie is elected to baseball's Hall of Fame on the first ballot.


1971 Jackie Robinson Jr is killed in a car accident


1972 Jackie Robinson died of a heart attack in his house


1973 The Jackie Robinson Foundation is established


The Jackie Robinson Foundation provides scholarships to 141 Jackie Robinson Scholars, for the year. The students attend more than 60 colleges and universities nationwide. Over 3,000 requests for scholarships are received each year.

1997 Jacki Robinson's number 42 is retired across all MLB teams


MLB celebrates the 50th anniversary of Jackie breaking baseball's color barrier by retiring his number 42 in perpetuity.

2005 Jackie is awarded the Congressional Gold Medal


It is presented to his family in an official ceremony