Bible Timeline



God send Abraham to Egypt

2091 b.c.

The Famine in Canaan

2090 BC

God Promises the Birth of Isaac

2067 BC

The Destruction of Sodom

2067 BC

The Offering of Isaac

2054 BC

Joseph Sold into Slavery

1898 BC

The exodus of Israel out of Egypt

1446 B.C.

Tabernacle Dedication

1445 BC

Moses Dies

1406 B.C.

Death of Joshua

1245 B.C.

Ruth and Naomi Return to Bethlehem

1140 B.C.

Reign of King Saul

1043 B.C. - 1010 B.C.

Reign of King David

1011 B.C. - 931 B.C.

Reign of King Solomon

971 B.C. - 931 B.C.

Israel splits to Southern and Northern Kingdom

931 B.C.

Assyrians conquer Northern Kingdom, Israel

740 B.C. - 722 B.C.

Babylonians conquer Southern Kingdom, Judah

605 B.C.

The decree of King Cyrus

537 b.c.

Zeubbabel leads jews back to rebuild temple

516 b.c.

Esther made queen of Persia

473 b.c.

nehemiah leading jews back to rebuild city

445 b.c. - 425 b.c.

Birth of Jesus

0 a.d.

Death and resurrection of Jesus

30 a.d.

Jesus meets Saul

34 a.d.

Missionary journeys of Paul

48 a.d.