Political Events

British Conquest in Africa before and after 1880

1880 - 1900

Before the year if 1889, 10% of Africa were controlled by the European Nation from Algeria to Spanish colony. This colonization have not bare fruit for the African nation. Eventually this colonization turned into a race of teritory in Africa, which causes counties to try and took away other African nation. This created a war between the Africa Nation as well as the European. Only Ethiopia, consisting of freed slave from United States is able to fought off the invasion.

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Speech Before the French Chamber of Deputies


During this period, many European country are increasing their colony believing in capitalism. They believe that there is a limited amount of wealth and if they fail to get as much colony in the fastest time, or else they will lose their power compared to the other nation. Thus this speech is to persuades the compatriots to be more willing in helping France in colonizing.

Source: McKay, Sources for Wester Society, Page: 389

World War 1

28 july 1914 - 11 November 1918

It is a war that consist of those country who have a strong economic powers, this war consist of two sides the allies which consist of United Kingdom, France and Russian Empire; and also the central powers which is German and Austria Hungary. This war eventually created the Leage of nations, to prevent such an event repeating again.

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Slaughter on the Western Front

September 6 1914 - September 9 1914

It was a war between the France and the German, where the German was in a shortage of army due to the attack from the east by the Russians. This battle makes the army to create trenches to be able to protect themselves from the attack and to rest and they are defending with mines and barbed wired. It is one of the most bloodiest battle as it took up 11% of France population, 8% of Britain Population and 9% of Germany population.

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A defeated Germany Contemplates the Peace Treaty


This is an assembly in which the German, after receiving multiple threats, has sign the Treaty of Versailles, which the German themselves has no say in the treaty. This assembly address promises that will be given to the German if they sign the treaty, for example releasing hundreds of thousands of prisoner back home. In contrast, the German people's party, rejected the treaties and tried to gain the support of the other German, that is eventually being laugh by the Social Democrats.

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Cultural Events

Heart of Darkness


It is a book done by a polish novelist Joseph Conrad. It was written to pictures his experience during his time in Africa. It was to show a knowledgeable and smart person who is able to change and lead the country turn into a person who is nothing but brutal.

Sources: McKay, History of the Western Society, Pg 821


1916 - 1923

In regard to their negative reaction towards the World War 1, the Dada art movement was created. It was originally created to confess the feeling of artist and poets associated with Cabaret Voltaire. It word Dada has no meaning and just a word that describe as a baby word of Yes yes. It concentrated on the Anti-war politics by showing an anti-art works.

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March 1918 - February 1922

After World War I, many writers are influence by the general intellectual climate of pessimism and alienation and turn toward radical experimentation sweeping through the other arts. This book Ulysses is one of the most popular book in the 1922. It talk about life of hero named Ulysses on his way home from Troy. It was banned in Great Britain and United States because of sexual thought.

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Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf: The Art of Propaganda


Hitler address the reason why does German fail by blaming it on the propaganda that was address wrongly. He believe that the propaganda that the German has created has lesser persuasion compared to those created by the Allied propaganda. He believe that the German propaganda is many-sided and makes people easily forget and weakened the effect.

Source: McKay, Sources for Western Society, Page:445

German Communist Party Poster


Due to bad economic condition in Germany, Nazis take a good advantage of the situation by creating a poster intended to get the support from the Germans to support the party. This was help with the slogan they come out on the posters.

Source: McKay, Sources for Western Society, Page: 436

Rights Events

The Revival of Christianity


Due to post-world war 1 period, many theologist are trying to interpret the way the bible is being interpreted so that it does not contradict with other things such as science. The idea of human being as a sinful nature is being brought up so that people will seeks for forgiveness and will follow the right ways. During this period, many people also wrote book about religious, which shows that religion are much more powerful than it was before the war.

Source: McKay, History of the Western Society, Page:872

Helena Swanwick Pledge for women's right


Woman was discriminated and was not able to get as much status in Britain. Thus helena speak up for these women during the war, considering that it is a great opportunity for women to improve their status during this period.

Sources: McKay, Sources for Western Society, Page: 408

The Centerpiece of Nazi Racial Legislation


During that period, Hitler are afraid of the Jews, and believe that they are the one who has created the hardship of the German. He believe that they could interfere with his territorial expansion and must be expelled out from the Germans. Thus he created a legislation that could eventually make the jews feel discriminated and leave Germany.

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