Islam history


Muhhammad's (pbuh) life

Birth of Muhhammad (pbuh)


Founder of Islam born in Mecca

death of Muhhammad's (pbuh) grandfather


Muhhammad's grandfather died when he was 8 years old.

Muhhammad(pbuh) marries Khadija


Muhhammad married Khadija a wealthy widow when he was 25 years old

Muhhamad (pbuh) hears the word of God


Muhhammad heard the word of God from the angel Gabriel when he was 40 years old.

Death of Khadija


khadija was Muhhammads (pbuh) wife

Muhhammad (pbuh) and followers flee from Mecca


Muhhammad fled from mecca after 10 years of struggle. They fled to Medina. This migration is know as Heigra

Muhhammad (pbuh) and his followers return to Mecca


7 years after leaving the city Muhhammad (pbuh) returned to Mecca

Muhhammad (pbuh) and followers take over Mecca


Muhhammad and his followers created the Kaabaa which is a shrine to God. This made Kaabaa the holiest place in the world for muslims.

Muhhammad (pbuh) preaches his last sermon


Muhhammad (pbuh) preached his last sermon on equality shortly before his death.

Death of Muhhammad (pbuh)

632 A.D

Muhhammad (pbuh) died 2 years after taking over Mecca

History of Islam

First day of the Islamic calendar


This was also the day Muhammad fled from mecca

Abu Bakr is chosen as caliph for Muhammad (pbuh)


Abu Bakr was Muhamads (pbuh) father in law

Muslim armies conquer North Africa, Spain, Iraq and Persia

635 - 735

In the century after Muhammad's (pbuh) death the islamic empire grew though conquest and trade

Islam begins to spread through Africa


Early muslim coins are changed

690 - 700

early coins bore expressions of faith as images were forbidden by law

Muslims are defeated in France


Muslims were defeated in Potiers France by Charles Martel