Life of Muhammad (pbuh)


Muhammad's (pbuh) Birth

570 A.D

570 A.d was the year Muhammad (pbuh) was born.

Muhammad's (pbuh) Grandfather Death and Moving to Mecca

578 A.D

Muhammad's (pbuh) Mother died when he was little and his father died before he was born, so therefore he lived with his Grandfather.When Muhammad (pbuh) was 8 years old, his Grandfather died, so therefore he started living with his Uncle in Mecca.

Muhammad (pbuh) married Khadiji

595 A.D

When Muhammad (pbuh) was 25 years old, he married Khadiji, who was a wealthy woman. Khadiji is the first Muslim to exist.

Muhammad (pbuh) had Visions and Chosen to be the Arab Prophet

610 A.D

When Muhammad (pbuh) was 40 years old, he visited a cave at Mount Hira, near Mecca, to think. He had visions and felt he was chosen to be the Arab prophet of true religion.

Khadiji's Death

619 A.D

Khadiji (Muhammad's (pbuh) wife) died in this year.

Islam was Founded

622 A.D

In 622 A.D, the beginning of Islam was started by the first Muslims who went on the Hegira (a pilgrimage to from Mecca to what is now Medina).

Muhammad (pbuh) Returned to Mecca

629 A.D

Muhammad (pbuh) and his followers (his army) returned to Mecca, in 629 A.D

Mecca Taken Over

630 A.D

Muhammad (pbuh) and his army of followers took over Mecca. They made the Kaaba (Islam's holiest shrine).

Outside Islamic Area Accept Islam

631 A.D

The places around where Islamic ruled are now, in this year, are accepting to be Islamic.

Muhammad's (pbuh) Death

632 A.D

Muhammad (pbuh) died in this year and the Muslim leaders decided they needed a caliph (head of the Islamic community).