Major Events of the Medieval Era


The fall of the Roman Empire

476 AD

The book of kells is written

750 AD

it is written and illustrated by Irish Monks

Charlemagne is crowned emperor

800 AD

crowned by the pope in Rome

Innovation in agriculture practices

1050 AD - 1200 AD

William the Conqueror invades England at the battle of Hastings

1066 AD

The first crusade

1095 AD

The second crusade

1147 AD

The first European Windmill is developed

1170 AD

Muslims recaptured Jerusalem, and the third crusade is ordered

1187 AD

The fourth crusade

1200 AD

The signing of Magna Carta

1215 AD

St. Francis of Assisi dies

1226 AD

Edward the 1st of England, establishes Parliament

1272 AD

Invention of the magnetic compass

1300 AD

War, famine and plague reduces the population of North Western Europe by a half

1315 AD

The Hundred Years' War begins

1337 AD

Black Death again reappears

1347 AD

Joan of Arc, a French peasant girl helps to drive the English out of France

1429 AD

Leonardo da Vinci is born

1452 AD

The War of the Roses

1455 AD