Shakespeare's life


Shakespeare is born

23 April 1564

in Stratford-Upon-Avon

Shakespeare is baptized

26 April 1564

Shakespeare goes to school


Shakespeare enters King's New School, an excellent grammar school in Stratford

Shakespeare gets married

Nov 28, 1582

Shakespeare gets married to Ann Hathaway

First child was born

May 26, 1583

Six months after their marriage, the Shakespeare's first child, Susanna, is born and baptized.

Twins born


Anne Hathaway gives birth to twins, son Hamnet and daughter Judith. The babies are named after Shakespeare's close friends, Hamnet and Judith Sadler

First play


Shakespeare writes Henry VI, Part One

Plague closes theatres

Jan 1593

Shakespeare uses the break to write poetry.

Venus and Adonis

April 1593

Shakespeare publishes "Venus and Adonis," his first long published poem.

Theatres reopen


Shakespeare's acting group accept frequent invitations to perform in the royal court of Queen Elizabeth I.

Death of Hamnet

Aug 11, 1596

Shakespeare Praised


Shakespeare has become a noted playwright with at least a dozen plays under his belt, including Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Merchant of Venice, Love's Labors Lost, Richard II and Titus Andronicus.

The Globe theatre was built


Many of Shakespeare's most famous plays are performed for the first time here.



Hamlet is a play written by Shakespeare, it is believed to be motivated by the death of his father.

Elizabeth I dies

March 24 1603

After Elizabeth's death king James I takes the throne, and Shakespeare's acting company change their name to the king's men.

Sonnets are published


Publisher Thomas Thorpe prints a collection of 154 of Shakespeare's sonnets.

returns to Stratford


Shakespeare returns to stratford.

Final plays


The globe catches fire during a performance of Henry VIII

Shakespeare dies

Apr 23, 1616

Suffering from an unknown illness, Shakespeare dies on his 52nd birthday.


Apr 25, 1616

Shakespeare is buried in Holy Trinity Church in Stratford.

First Folio Published


Shakespeare's friends from the King's Men, collect 36 of his plays and publish them together in a volume now known as the first folio

Historical events during Shakespeare's life

1588- Defeat of the Spanish Armada.
1605-the gunpowder plot
1607-Foundation of the First British colonies in North America, at Jamestown, Virginia