Ancient History (Copy)


Greek civilizations begins*

2500 BC

First immagrants enter Italy from north

2000 BC

Etruscans arrive in Italy by sea

800 BC

Etruscan civilization influenced and controlled Romans, and got a king.

Greek Olympics begin

776 BC

Gymnastics & running in birthday suit. winners received laurels &food. running and racing was the 1st event. woman couldn't compete or attend. the Olympics were in honor of Zues, a Greek god . running , boxing , javelin , gymnastics , discus , shot-put , and equestrian events are all a part of the Greek Olympics .

Founding of Rome

753 BC

myth says Romulus & Remus brother & sons of Mars .They were orphaned and raised by a she wolf.

Greek city-states begin

750 BC

city-states are more advanced than cities . city-states , Corinth , Megara , Sparta , Athens , Ionia , Argos , Thebes.

Tyrants divide up the city-states

550 BC

Hellenic Period /Classical Period

510 BC - 323 BC

greekifacation sreads throughout Greece .This civilization begins with Gods death.

Founding of the Roman Rebublic

510 BC

republic = government ruled by us . lasts 500 yrs , before it became an Empire.

last Etruscan King

510 BC

Ionia cities rebel against "Persia"

500 BC

Battle of Marathon (Greeks & Persians)

490 BC

Athenians .Vs. Persians.
Pilipidies ran 150 miles, to Sparta& asked for enforcements . Sparta refused b/c they were partying . After that Pilipidies died.

Xerxes builds a Pontoon bridge

480 BC

Greeks defeat Persians

468 BC

by defecting Persians the Golden Age of Greece begins .

Golden Age of Greece begins

460 BC

Peloponnesian war(s) begins

431 BC - 404 BC

Athens & its allies .VS. pelopaniesian.
Sparta wins.

Final decline of the Etruscans

400 BC

Gauls attack Rome

387 BC

Hellenistic Period

323 BC - 31 BC

Life of Alexander the Great

323 BC - 31 BC

-son of King Philip the 2
- tutored by Aristotle
-he caused Hellenization
- broke bucephulus
- became king of Macedonia
- conquered most of the known world.

Pyrrhic Wars begin

280 BC

Rome defeats Samnites , Gauls , and Etruscans.

268 BC

First Punic War

264 BC - 241 BC

Second Punic War

218 BC


202 BC

Third Punic War

149 BC - 146 BC

-Rome invades Carthage

Major Roman expantion in Mediterranian

133 BC - 131 BC

Life 0f Julius Ceasar

100 BC - 44 BC
  • 1st emperor
  • power hungry

Octivain takes control of Egypt

31 BC

Pax Romona

30 BC - 180 AD
  • time of relative peace

Life of Jeus the Christ

33 AD
  • born right after the Hellenistic period -founded Christianity -He is a great man

Diocletion divides the Roman Empire in two and creates teh byzantine Empire

284 Ad
  • divides Emperor in half