Mychaela Christi Mhairi Roelants van Baronaigien


My birthday

February 23 1995


Landsdowne preschool

september 1999 - december 1999

I switched a few months into my first preschool

Treasure Island preschool

december 1999 - june 2000

Finished my preschooling at this preschool

Oaklands Elementary school

September 2000 - june 2005

Lived in victoria and went here from K-5

Comox Elementary

september 2006 - june 2007

When i moved from Victoria,this is the schooli went to for a year.

Aspen parkmiddle school

september 2007 - june 2008

Only got to go to middle school for 1 year before they did the reconfiguration.

Highland Secondary

september 2008 - Present

started in grade 8



june 2006

first babysitting job

Beckys Bakery

september 2008 - december 2008

Got job,lost job for braking toomany dishes



august 1999 - august 2003

Ended up yelling at my ballet teacher Wendy,but she yelled at me first!


august 1999 - january 2000


september 2001 - Present

started in K, kept playing

Club Volleyball

november 2008 - Present

Started as nervous, ended as captain


Victoria BC

February 23 1995 - august 2006

Born @ VGH in Victoria, lived there for 11 years before moving to Comox.

Comox BC

august 2006 - Present

Moved up here for my dads job