The Interwar Timeline


US Isolation

1919 - 1941

Reparation Payments

1919 - 2010

he Reparation payments were essentially the economic burdens that were placed on Germany in the treaty of Versailles by the victor nations.

League of Nations


In 1919 after the end of the First World War the victors of the war held a meeting to determine the fate of the central powers. At this conference there were representatives from more than 32 countries. This assembly of allied powers featured the “Big Four” which were the USA, Britain, France, and Italy. This conference of nations was held in Paris and was called The Paris Peace conference. At this meeting the League of Nations was established.

Washington Treaties/Naval Conferences

1921 - 1922

The Washington treaties (also known as the Washington naval treaties) were held in Washington D.C. from November 1921 to February 1922. They were a meeting between the United States, Japan, France, Italy, Belgium, China, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Treaty of Rapallo


This treaty reestablished relations between the two nations. They claimed to cancel all financial claims against each other, the treaty strengthened their economic and military ties.

Mussolini's Rule

1922 - 1943

Mussolini, the leader of Italy from 1922-1943, was the founder of Fascism.

Dawes Plan


Charles Dawes headed a project to make germany pay the reparations . Germany had stopped paying the reparations as they defaulted on a payment in january 1293.

French Occupation of Ruhr


In January 1923, French and Belgian troops marched into and occupied Germany’s industrial Ruhr region

Locarno Pact


A conference held at locarno,switzerland attended by Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, and poland. The conference was to agree on a treaty of mutual guarantee between Germany, belgium, France, Great Britain and Italy.

Kellogg-Briand Pact


This agreement was signed on August 27,1928 in Paris, it was to try and stop another World War. As it condemned “recourse to war for the solution of international controversies.”

Young Plan


The young plan was a second renegotiation of Germany’s reparation payments.

Maginot Line

1929 - 1940

Great Depression

1929 - 1941

The Great Depression was essentially the worst global economic downturn in the history of the industrialized world

Japan's Quest for Imperial Status

1931 - 1945

Manchurian Crisis

1931 - 1933

Hitler in Charge of Germany

1933 - 1945

Enabling Act


Italy invasion of Ethiopia

1935 - 1936

Rome-Berlin Axis


Was signed in 1939

Spanish Civil War

1936 - 1939

German Reoccupation of the Rhineland








Munich Pact


Chamberlain and Appeasement


Nazi/Soviet Pact