Exuberance Incarnate: My Timeline of Awesome

What a crazy random happenstance.



Puddleduck (Pre-school)

1997 - 1999

I impressed everyone with my limited (at the time. I was 4), but still good ability to read. Mind you, my true forte was the crafts.

Brooklyn (Elementary School)

2000 - 2007

Met my best friend Catrina in kindergarten; played in the forest, pretended to be elves, faeries, dogs, cats, wolves, horses and many other things; learned what it's like to have someone you care about die; began my writing career; read my first novel in grade 1; folded 1000 cranes with my grade 3 class; performed in the school musical

Cape Lazo (Middle School)

2007 - 2008

Met my two other best friends Amy and Ashlynn; dealt with self-image problems; adjusted to being a teenager; dealt with the school closing

Highland (Secondary School)

2008 - Present

My first heartbreak; depression; change in my maturity and self; became a more serious writer/artist; still learning more about myself




1995 - 2008

...I really need to get a job.

Artist Everyday

1995 - Present

Basically, I draw every day. That counts as a job.

Backstage Work (Theatre)

2008 - 2009

I wasn't really paid, but I did do backstage for three shows that year. And I worked really hard.

Unemployed (Again)

2009 - 2010

Going to apply somewhere in the summer of 2010.


I'm a alive.

Time I've been alive

June 20 1995 - Present


Interesting Events

Alternate title: Awesome Stuff That's Happened To Me

Yearly Disneyland Roadtrips

2000 - 2006

In total, I've gone at least 8 times. 6 of the times were yearly, 1 was in 2008 when I went to San Francisco and San Diego too and 1 was last year's Christmas.

Hands on Farm

2002 - 2004

I did a summer junior farming program until the good supervisors left. I am terrifyed of spiders, and the kids were never suposed to go to the hay shed (which was full of huge spiders. Some new girl who thought she could do whatever she wanted sent me, 10 years old at the time, into the hay shed. The girl was also suppose to do work and supervise us. She sat in the office and did nothing. I quit after that year, despite my love for the animals the lived there because this girl was so awful. It had been fun up until that point.

Bought First Videogame


I bought "Pokemon Ruby" without any finacial help.

Time I've owned my current Ipod

2006 - Present

I got a second generation pink iPod nano for Christmas, which is currently half full of classic rock, 80's pop, new wave, foreighn pop/rock and indie music. I listen to it at least once a day.

Yearly Viewings of My Favourite Movie

2007 - Present

Watched my favourite movie "The Labyrinth" for the first time in the summer. Watched at least once yearly since then.

Played videogame 'Okami" to Completion

2008 - 2009

Took a really long time. Did it totally without any help from guides or people.


All the numerous times I got sick.

Broke my right thumb

November 2003

I was going to close the class room door but failed to realize that a part of me was in between the door and it's frame: my thumb. I remember a sickening cracking noise accompanied by a few gasps and then utter silence. I went up to the teacher, my thumb swollen and feeling strange, asking to go to the office. After my dad picked me up, I visited the doctor for a splint, the hospital for an x-ray (and a delicious burger in the cafeteria which had to be fed to me) and finally home.

Chicken Pox

January 2004 - February 2004

I hated having this because I was so itchy. I couldn't even begin to relax until I applied ridiculous amounts of lotion.


March 2004 - April 2004

All I remember of those weeks was watching Disney movies and drinking a lot of orange juice. That's about it.


February 2009

I felt weak, awful, and wanted to curl up in a hole and die. I barely have memory of this sickness, like with my bout of pneumonia, as I was literally unable to get up and walk around without feeling like I had just run a marathon. Feeling as if you could pass out at any moment and coughing til your lungs are void of air is not a nice way to spend a month.