Ancient Greece

Great Civilizations, Jeremy Natzke, Period 7, 1/6/2014, For Chad Thurs


Things that happened that effect the whole area

Agricultural Revolution

10000 BC

Climate Change

8000 BC

When the climate changed from a lush fertile country into the arid desert of Africa

Agricultural Revolution in the New World

7000 BC

Population Boom

3000 BC

When growing crops became possible and groups of people began to settle down

Eruption of Mount Vesuvius

79 AD

A volcano in the Roman Empire


The ages of time

Paleolithic Age

2500000 BC - 8000 BC

Ice age, developed stone tools, mastered fire, and began to speak to each other

Neolithic Age

8000 BC - 3000 BC

Made polished tools, mastered growing crops, and domesticated animals

Bronze Age

3000 BC - 1000 BC

The Bronze Age of Greece

Greece's Golden Age

480 BC - 430 BC

The years after the Persian Wars in which Pericles lead the Greeks and vastly improved Athens

Age of Pericles

461 BC - 429 BC

Hellenstic Age

330 BC - 323 BC

When the spread of ideas and major scientific advancements that would be the standard for hundreds of years

Age of Five Good Emperors

27 BC - 207 AD

Romes best five emperors

Pre History

The Story of Us and Where We Came From


4000000 BC - 1000000 BC

The very first bypeadle being on the track of becoming human, found in southern and eastern Africa

Homo Habilis

2500000 BC - 1500000 BC

Migrated into eastern africa and made stone tools

Homo Erectus

1600000 BC - 30000 BC

Found in Asia, Africa, and Europe

Homo Sapiens

200000 BC - 2014 AD

This is us


200000 BC - 30000 BC

Not as dumb as we all think. Actually very intelligent and caring, the first to berry there dead


40000 BC - 8000 BC

Found in Europe, semi modern humans, and created art


Events that happen to and involving Mesopotamia

Domesticated Sheep and Goats

7000 BC

Sheep and goats could now be successfully herded and manged.

Development of Irrigation

3700 BC

They used an extensive amount of ditches to run water to and through fields

Creation of Wheel, Sail, & Plow

3600 BC

Revolutionized the way of life event today.

Establishment of Sumer

3000 BC

Establishment of Ur

3000 BC

Akkadian Empire

2350 BC - 2150 BC

First Maps of Mesopotamia are Made

2300 BC

Abraham and Family Leave Ur

2000 BC

Babylonian Empire

2000 BC - 1550 BC

Reign of Hammurabi

1792 BC - 1750 BC

First person to have laws written down and made the court system more equal

The Exodus

1300 BC - 1200 BC

Kingdom of Israel and Judah

1020 BC - 922 BC

Assyrian Empire

850 BC - 621 BC

Life of the Zoroaster

628 BC - 583 BC

Started the first monotheistic religion

Destruction of Ninevah

612 BC

Chaldaen Empire

600 BC - 550 BC

Babylonian Captivity of the Jews

586 BC - 538 BC

Released by Cyrus

Reign of Cyrus

550 BC - 539 BC

Persian Empire

550 BC - 350 BC


Things that happen to and involving Greece

Greek Civilization

2000 BC - 300 BC

Minoan Civilization

2000 BC - 1400 BC

Mycenaean Civilization

2000 BC - 1200 BC

Trojan War

1200 BC - 1190 BC

Acording to some this is when the Heroic Age of Man ended and our Age of Man began. Also it is said in the Odyssey that Troy can't be controlled by mortal

Warring States Period

1200 BC - 750 BC

Dorian Civilization

1150 BC - 750 BC

One of the civilizations that we don't know much about because they did not write stuff down

Greeks Settlements on Italy and Sicily

1000 BC - 500 BC

Settlements on the Southern Coasts of Italy and Sicily

Rise of the City State

800 BC

Greeks started to identify with there local area more than as a country

Life of Pericles

494 BC - 429 BC

Persian Wars

490 BC - 479 BC

Battle of Marathon

490 BC

Started the Persian War

Battle at Thermaphlae

480 BC

Life of Socrates

469 BC - 399 BC

Peloponnesian War

431 BC - 413 BC

Life of Plato

427 BC - 347 BC

Life of Aristotle

384 BC - 322 BC


Things that happen to and involving Rome

Founding of Rome

753 BC

According to legend

Rome becomes a Republic

509 BC

Tarquin the Proud is Driven from Power

509 BC

Creation of the 12 Tablets

451 BC

The written law of Rome

Gaul Sacks Rome

390 BC

Roman Aqueducts

312 BC

200,000,000 gallons of water was needed to supply Rome a day, the longest aqueduct was 260 miles, arches dramatically cut costs, they even used syphons in big canyons

Begining of the Roman Roads

312 BC

The Roman roads were 53,000 miles of paved and straight roads that allowed for Rome to better protect its empire from revolt and from war

1st Punic War

264 BC

Rome begins it's first of three wars against Carthage

Life of Hannibal

247 BC - 183 BC

2nd Punic War

218 BC

Most interesting of the Punic Wars becouse of the strategies used by Hannibal

3rd Punic War

149 BC - 146 BC

Rome finally dominates Carthage and completely wipes them out

Assacination of Tiberius

133 BC

Killed for backing up the Roman reforms

Roman Civil Wars

121 BC - 27 BC

People tried to reform the government to help the government

Assassination of Gaius Gracchus

121 BC

Killed for backing up the Roman reforms

Life of Ceaser

100 BC - 44 BC

Life of Augustus

63 BC - 14 AD

Greatly glorified Rome and put the needs of the people before everything

Ceaser Elected into Consul

59 BC

Ceaser Conquers Gaul

58 BC - 50 BC

Ceaser Crosses the Rubicon River

49 BC

Julius Ceaser crossed the Rubicon River witch was like the point of no return so to say.

Ceaser Assassinated

44 BC

Ceaser Elected as Dictator

44 BC

Octavian's Victory at Actium

31 BC

Octavian defeated Marc Antony and Cleopatra at Actium

Pax Romana

27 BC - 180 AD

The time of peace within Rome that lead to the spread of Christianity

Reign of Agustus

27 BC - 14 AD

Jesus' Birth

5 BC

6 BC or 4 BC

Rome Conquers Judea

6 AD

Jesus Begins his Public Ministry

25 AD

24 AD or 26 AD


82 AD

Held a total of 80,000 people and about 700,000 people died in the Coliseum. Under the floor was an amazing serous of chambers and trap doors that held everything from lions to people. Stages could even pop up from the floor and the floor could be flooded with 4 feet of water


96 AD - 98 AD

The first of the five good emperors


98 AD - 117 AD

The second of the five good emperors

Circus Maximus

100 AD

Famous for chariot racing, it could hold 350,000 people, and contained a market. It lasted for 500 years


117 AD - 138 AD

The third of the five good emperors


126 AD

Was one of the few buildings that we know nothing about and to servery to today possibly because of a sewer back up.

Trajan's Forum

128 AD

By far the most magnificent forum in all of Rome, was funded from Trajan's military victories

The Diaspora

132 AD

Antoninus Pius

138 AD - 161 AD

The fourth of the five good emperors

Reign of Marcus Aurelius

161 AD - 180 AD

The fifth and final of the five good emperors

Baths of Caracalla

216 AD

2,000 people were able to occupy the baths at a time, and it had an outstanding piping system to heat and cool water

Reign of Diocletian

284 AD - 313 AD

Constantine's Life

285 AD - 313 AD

Constantine' s Vision

312 AD

Constantine Announces the Edict of Milan

313 AD

Constantine Calls the Council of Nicaea

325 AD

Constantine Moves the Capital

330 AD

Moves the Capital of Rome to Byzantium

Fall of the Western Empire

476 AD

Last Roman Emperor

476 AD


Phillip II's Reign of Macedonia

359 BC - 336 BC

Stabbed to death at his daughters wedding

Life of Alexander

356 BC - 323 BC

Known as Alexander the Great, conquered a lot of territory in his life time

Battle at Granicus

334 BC


Everybody who was did anything to Rome, such as the Visigoths, Vandals, and Huns

Sack of Rome by the Visigoths

376 AD - 476 AD

Rise of Attila the Hun

444 AD

Death of Attila the Hun

453 AD

Sack of Rome by the Vandals

455 AD


Everything happening to and involving both Egypt and Africa

Start of Egyptian trade with Mesopotamia

3200 BC

Span of all Egyptian Dynasties

3100 BC - 1027 BC

Establishment of the 1st Egyptian Dynasty

3100 BC

First Pyramid Built

2700 BC

Egyptian Old Kingdom

2660 BC - 2180 BC

Great Pyramid of Giza Completed

2556 BC

The most famous pyramid in Egypt

Egyptian Middle Kingdom

2080 BC - 1640 BC

Egyptian New Kingdom

1570 BC - 1365 BC

King Ezana Rules Africa

356 BC - 330 BC

Kingdom of Aksum

300 BC - 700 AD

Nok Culture Dies Out

200 AD

Founding of the Rosetta Stone

1799 AD

First translated in 1822, it was used to help under stand languages in the region, reason that the "modern" Rosetta Stone is named that because it contained so many languages

Indus River Valley

Everything happening to and involving what was known as the Indus River Valley

Start of Indus Trade with Mesopotamia

2350 BC

Span of all Indus Civilization

321 BC - 415 AD

Suddenly vanished without explanation


Everything that happened and involved China

Establishment of the 1st Chinese City

2000 BC

Shang Dynasty

1532 BC - 1027 BC

Zhou Dynasty

1027 BC - 256 BC


Everything that happened and involved Mesoamerica

Olmec Civilization

1200 BC - 400 BC

Chavin Civilization

900 BC - 200 BC

Zapotec Civilization

500 BC - 600 AD

Nazca Civilization

200 BC - 600 AD

Moche Civilization

100 AD - 700 AD