The Great Gatsby - Timeline (Copy)


James Gatz is Born

1894 - 1909

James is born in Minnesota to a poor family from 1894 to 1909 before he starts to kick himself into gear. We don't know much about him during this time.

Attends College


James attends college in Minnesota at St. Olaf's and ends up dropping out the same year because of the janitorial work he had to do to pay off the school.

Meets Dan Cody


James meets Dan Cody as he is out and he travels with Cody to the Indies and Barbary Coast.

Changes Name to Jay Gatsby


James Gatz now becomes Jay Gatsby.

Cody Dies


When Cody dies Jay is supposed to inherit a lump some of money from Cody because it's in his will but is cheated out of it.

Falls in Love with Daisy


Jay Falls in love with Daisy after meeting her at Camp Taylor. In 1917, Daisy also sees him off as he is deployed.

Gatsby is Killed


Wilson Kills Gatsby for owning the car that ran down his wife, Myrtle, not knowing it was truly Daisy who ran over his wife.

Nick meets Gatsby


Nick meets Gatsby at one of Gatsby's extravagant parties to reel Daisy in.