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Taoist Alchemy & Arts

604 BC

Lao-Tse inspires Taoist alchemy and Arts, influenced by the Akashics


551 BC - 479 BC

Confucius (ca. 551-479 BCE)

Buddha Sakyamuni Enlightened

535 BC

Buddha Sakyamuni is Enlightened. Exposure to his teachings & physical presence causes spontaneous Awakenings. During his life, no destructive magics work in the vicinity of his disciples, allowing the Akashics & Thanatoics to attempt peace. Battle-hardened Avatars make this futile.

Creation of Philosophies

500 BC

Creation of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and Zoroastrianism

Dragon River War

496 BC - 480 AD

Searing Wind Wan Xian attack Mount Kailas, defended by Akashics. Wan Xian ally with Yi Han, Five-Ghost Emperor, Yomi-corrupt Wu Lung who escalates the conflict into Dragon River War and leading to a decade of famine & drought. Brings the Dalou'laoshi into the conflict.

Burning Tiger War

160 BC - 100 BC

Akashics, Wu Lung & Dalou'laoshi fight each other. Devil-wizard Tau-tse’s demon army attacks all sides until banished by Akashics Te Kwan and Zhen Ba.

Taftani/Wu Lung contact

100 BC

Silk routes established leads Taftâni to contact with Wu Lung wizards from China.

Shaolin Monastery Built

500 - 550

The Akashic Brotherhood constructs several monasteries throughout the East to help enlighten the common people. The most famous, the Shaolin, soon gains great reputation.

Shaolin under attack

590 - 650

The Akashic Brotherhood grows stronger through its monasteries, with the silent encouragement of the Wu-Keng. In response, many monasteries, including the illustrious Shaolin Temple, come under attack by the Chinese Imperial Court (directed by the Wu Lung).


1210 - 1266

1210-1266: Scourge of the Huns. Hun armies ravage Asia, Europe, & Middle East. Akashic Brotherhood, Dalou'laoshi, Taftâni, & Wu Lung decimated in fighting; take decades to recover.

Mongols Invade China


1279 Mongols invade China. Akashic Brother Yu Lung makes desperate pact with Yama Kings, and infects Mongols with a plague. When fellow Brothers are also sacrificed, his betrayal is revealed. Akashics help Mongol shamans find a cure & are granted more freedom than either the Wu Lung or the Dalou'laoshi.

Screaming Ghost Purge

1356 - 1360

1356 Beginning of the Screaming Ghost Purge (ends in about 1360).Dalou'laoshi and Wu Lung employ new innovations against Akashic Brotherhood; badly beaten, Akashics retreat to Mongolian and Tibetan mountains. Sparks over 100 years of secret warfare.

Wu Lung attack Shaolin


1600c Wu Lung offer the emperor the magic and martial abilities to stop the Shaolin. The Wu Lung help the emperor storm the Shaolin Temple (coincidentally where the Akashic Brotherhood also train), shattering the Akashics' power in China and creating further enmity between the two societies.

Wu-Keng demolish Wu Lung


1700d Wu-Keng help the British demolish the Wu Lung and blame the Order of Reason Artificers.

Akashics lose power in China


1735 The battle between the Wu Lung and the Akashic Brotherhoodculminates when the Shaolin aid a peasant rebellion against theManchurian Chi'ing dynasty. The emperor asks Li Te-yu, the Thousand-Tiger Lord, to help storm the Shaolin Temple. The attack is successful, shattering the Akashics' power in China.

Golden Dragon Society founded


1755 Shi-Ren survivors of the destruction of the Shaolin Temple, Sataghni and Kunio Ashida, found the Golden Dragon Society, to fight the Five Metal Dragons "by making their strengths our own."

Taiping Rebellion


1851 The Taiping Rebellion in China.

Akashics initiate Gweilo/Gaijin


1900 The Akashic Brotherhood initiates very few non-Asian mages before this year.

Boxer Rebellion


1900 The Boxer Rebellions in China. The Wu Lung and Akashic Brotherhood cease fighting outright, as both sides support the Rebellion as a last-ditch effort to drive the Technocracy out of China.

Japan Invades China


1930d Japanese invade of China & communists in control, the Wu Lung’s power finally collapses.


Japan Unified


400 By this year, the Yamato dynasty has united central Japan.

Kamikaze War


1274 Emissary from Kublai Khan demands Japan's surrender to the Mongols. Emissary is executed & Japan repels first of two Mongol invasions (Kamikaze War). Mongol & Japanese sorcerers wage spirit struggle across Sea of Japan, ends 1281. Akashics assist Japanese effort, establish Shinto sect.

Nobunaga Assasinated


1582 Oda Nobunaga cuts a bloody swath through Japan until he's assassinated by ninja at Honnoji.



1600 Tokugawa Ieyasu turns against the Toyotomi regime. In response,Toyotomi Hideyori and the massed warlords of Japan meet Tokugawa at the Battle of Sekigahara.

Tokugawa Shogunate


1603 Tokugawa Ieyasu becomes shogun of Japan.

Satsuma invade Okinawa


1609 The Japanese island of Okinawa is invaded by the Satsuma samurai clan.

Purge of Christianity


1637 The third Tokugawa shogun, Tokugawa Iemitsu, eradicates the Christian rebels of Shimabara, ending Japanese Christianity for the rest of the Tokugawa period.

Golden Dragon Cabal founded


1793 The Golden Dragon cabal is founded in Japan circa this year.

Japan Industrializes


1800c Japan's feudal period lasts until this time. Japan industrializes

Commodore Perry


1852 US Commodore Matthew Perry forces his way into Tokyo harbour to open Japan up for trade. The agreements are very unfavourable to the Japanese.

Go Kamisori Gama founded


1864 July 4: The imperial army of Japan clashes with shogitai, the samurai loyal to the absent shogun. The army has firearms while the samurai fight with swords and are massacred. Three samurai decide on a different path, take up the way of the ninja, and foundin the Go Kamisori Gama.

Golden Dragons cabal enters US


1870d The Golden Dragons cabal immigrate into the United States.

Japanese expand


1980d Japanese corporations begin aggressively expanding into the US market.

Apocalyptic Visions


1999 Apocalyptic visions of dragons, demons & creatures infest dreams of shen in Middle Kingdom.


Golden Age of Science

560 BC - 200 BC

Cosmic/Celestial order dominates Chinese paradigm
Kung Fu-tse (Confucius) , Lu Pan


260 BC - 210 BC

260 BCE: Shin-Huang-Ti, First Emperor of China, and patron of the Dalou'laoshi, is born.
210 BCE: Shin-Huang-Ti, First Emperor of China, and patron of the Dalou'laoshi, dies.

Dalou'laoshi founded.

200 BC

Silk Accord

190 BC - 235 AD

Artisans from Europe & Asia travel between their lands, establishing early silk trade and information exchange. Sunátese Deadaleas signs pact with Dalou'laoshi. Daedaleans and Dalou'laoshi join in a pact based on exchanging knowledge & trade.

Silk Accord falters

120 AD

Infernalist Tau-tse’s demon aggravates the conflict; Western Artisans expect the Dalou'laoshi to keep their end of the Road secure. The Stone People lose face

Silk Accord Ends


Profit dispute ends Silk Accord. Collegium Praecepti & Dalou'laoshi end strained relation.

Mokteshaf Al-Nour founded


Islamic Artisan sect, Mokteshaf Al-Nour, founded.

Saensaeng founded


700 Group of Chi'n Ta gather around the imperial court of Japan form the basis of the Saensaeng.

Qian-Chengshi discovered

1068 - 1086

Chinese Artificers discover a Pattern Realm and establish a Construct called Qian-Chengshi ("Thousand City"). Soon the Construct encompasses the Realm.



1214 Dalou'laoshi discover rocketry, develop man-bearing kites and early flying machines.

Dalou'loushi / Artificer Reunion


Giacomo del Barba finances Far East expeditions, reunites Dalou'laoshi with European guilds.

Call to Artisans


1312 Worldwide call to Artisans & Dalou'laoshi. Crusades prohibit Mokteshaf Al-Nour participation.

Convention of the White Tower


1321 A Wu Lung Legalist faction, who had become Artificers, attend the Convention of the White Tower.

Qian-Chengshi lost


1766 Chinese Artificers lose Qian-Chengshi when, during a war with the Wu Lung, the Realm is bumped out of orbit. Without precise coordinates, it becomes impossible to reach the Realm.

Japan contact with West


1853 Japan reestablishes contact with the West. The Court of the Chrysanthemums and the Court of the Plum Blossoms ally themselves with the nascent Technocratic Union.

Technocracy subverts Heaven's Law


1900 The Five Metal Dragons pave the way for the Technocracy to subvert Heaven's law itself.

Autochthonia rediscovered


1931 A Void Engineer named Terrell Kree is blown off-course by a navigation error and rediscovers Qian-Chengshi orbiting the sun opposite Earth. Despite the centuries of isolation, the Construct still operates efficiently. Theorizing the inhabitants arise from the realm itself, Kree names them "Autochthonians," from which the realm's new nickname, Autochthonia, is derived.

HIT Marks uncovered


1974 Excavations on Mount Li in northern China turn up 6000 life-size pottery figures of soldiers, horses and chariots. No two faces are alike. The army is a vast storehouse of early HIT Marks which Iteration X retains the option to reactivate at any point.

NWO Agents Leave China


1990d Four agents of the NWO are compelled to leave China, they can't explanin satisfactorily.

Followers of the Centipede


1990d Golden Dragon Society investigates the Syndicate, finds it has ties to Pentex, itself a front for a magical society which subscribes to an unknown paradigm. They're dubbed the "followers of the Centipede."

Japanese Recession


1998 On the eve of the Golden Dragon Society’s strike against the followers of the Centipede, Asian currencies collapse, striking the root of the their power. Followed by bank and state corruption, Japan is thrown into a recession. The Society jettisons remaining corporate power structure & focuses on organized crime. A unified effort keeps the Elemental Dragons from bankruptcy.

Middle East

Sacred Geometry/Astronomy Discovered

3500 bc

3500 BCE: Artisan-priests of Babylon discover sacred geometry and astronomy.

King Solomon

950 BC

Career of archmage king Solomon of Israel. Writes three magickal texts. Two (the Greater & Lesser Keys of Solomon) survive. Later forms the basis of the Order of Hermes

Taftani/Wu Lung Contact

100 BC

100 BCE: Silk routes established leads Taftâni to contact with Wu Lung wizards from China.

First Devil King


100 AD: Ahl-i-Batin member Ishaq al-Jannani seeks knowledge of the Qlippothic Spheres as a way to Unity by cooperating with Nif' ur 'en Daah, an Infernalist sect. He becomes too enamored of their philosophy and eventually joins them, renaming himself Ishaq al-Iblis. He is the first Devil King.

Devil King Age

100 - 756

Devil-king Age. Demonic sorcerer-sultans rise throughout the Middle East. Mages fight them, unsuccessfully, until the Prophet's armies kill Al-Malek Al-Majun ibn Iblis.

Qutb Created


109 AD: Ahl-i-Batin create the position of Qutb to monitor the minds of murids for signs of corruption. With time, their numbers (and power) grows.

Batini Assassins


The first Ahl-i-Batin assassins are trained as weapons against the Nephandi.

Golden Age of Islam

630 - 1100

Golden Age of Islam. Science and faith prosper together. Taking advantage of Byzantium's enlightened atmosphere, Artisan guilds reestablish Ars Praeclarus.

Mokteshaf Al-Nour founded


700 Islamic Artisan sect, Mokteshaf Al-Nour, founded.

Europeans discover Muslim Alchemy


1100c During Crusades, Europeans discover intellectual heritage of the Muslims, including alchemy.

Call to Artisans


Worldwide call to Artisans & Dalou'laoshi. Crusades prohibit Mokteshaf Al-Nour participation.

Mali open to Muslim Artisans


Mansa Musa, Emperor of Mali, opens kingdom to Muslim Artisans. European mages venture there, but are unwelcome. Dyula trade guild sends representatives to the Convention of the White Tower.

Call to form Traditions


By some accounts, the Seers of Chronos and Ahl-i-Batin encourage the Houses of Hermes to call a worldwide Tribunal for the good of all Magi. The response is mixed.

City of Brass Founded


1500c Ahl-i-Batin Masters and Oracles venture to Mercury's Umbra, and found the City of Brass.

Mercurian Cosmology

1501 - 1521

The Ahl-i-Batin and Order of Hermes scholars of Fors Collegis Mercuris develop the Mercurian Cosmology as an attempt to explain the rough layout and workings of the Tellurian.

Jebel Qaf Lost


1819 Order of Reason becomes aware of the vast amount of Quintessence in the Middle East, and moves to take possession of the natural Horizon Realm, Jebel Qaf. Ahl-i-Batin use Correspondence space-warping effects to confuse the Reasonites. Both sides lose as Jebel Qaf is cut off from the world. University of Light vows to send angels to seek Mount Qaf, but nothing further is heard.

City of Brass Vanishes


1847 May 16: Marcella Decia bani Tytalus reports that the Ahl-i-Batin of the City of Brass are suspicious and paranoid of infiltration, and that they can only deal with it internally by cutting themselves off from the outside world. Batini not under suspicion are evacuated to Fors Collegis Mercuris.
1847 June 1: Marcella Decia bani Tytalus writes that the Ahl-i-Batin refugees are getting restless. There is still no news from the City of Brass.
1847 August 30: Marcella Decia Tytalus writes that the Ahl-i-Batin refugees are making good homes.
1847 September 24: Marcella Decia Tytalus writes that there is still no word from the City of Brass. The astronomers tell her that Mercury´s rotation is increasing.
1847 November 15: Marcella Decia Tytalus writes that the magic which kept Mercury habitable vanished, and the increased rotation has incinerated the City of Brass in sunlight. Portals to Mercury and to the Shade Realm of Correspondence are nonfunctional. They may never learn what happened.

Technocratic Crackdown

1890 - 1914

1890 - 1914: The Technocratic Crackdown. Ahl-i-Batin Qutbs dissolve their network of minds, vowing to return to the Tradition in the future. The Batini are left without leadership. In the confusion, the Technocratic Union wipes out many zawiya, and only a last-ditch effort, redirecting New World Order operatives to the Taftâni prevents them from finding khanates.

Technocracy devastates Middle East


1904 Influx of the Technocratic Union into the Middle East devastates local Traditions & Crafts. Ahl-i-Batin's numbers are diminished significantly, but still fare better than Taftâni.

Ford imports Arabs


1910 Henry Ford brings hundreds of Arabs to Detroit to work in automobile factories. Ahl-i-Batin and a few Taftâni take the opportunity to enter America and ironically escape the Technocracy.

WWI Paradigm Ossification


1917 WWI brings the Technocracy into the Middle East, and the paradigm begins to ossify. Taftâni begin to die from Paradox in numbers greater than those who have died from duelling.

Batini Leave Traditions


1922 Ahl-i-Batin leave the Traditions, protesting the Council's apathy toward European actions in the Middle East. Batini Masters vanish. A few mages are subsumed into the Order of Hermes, Ex Miscellanea.

Batini cut ties with the Council


1932 Suffering from the collapse of the Qutbs and feeling abandoned by the other eight Traditions, the Ahl-i-Batin cut ties with the Council of Nine Mystic Traditions, giving up the Seat of Correspondence on the Council of Nine, and vow to protect their homelands themselves.

Batini/Taftani Alliance


1980 Ahl-i-Batin/Taftâni alliance pays off. Technocratic forces are routed in an incursion attempt. As the Technocratic paradigm no longer holds sway,Paradox knocks their helicopters out of the sky.



2630 BC - 2610 BC

2630-2610: Imhotep, vizier, wizard, Pyramid architect & physician. Revered by Daedaleans

Golden Age of Greek Magick

1600 BC

1600c_BCE: Golden Age of Greek Magick.

HIT Mark I

1523 BC

1523_BCE: The first application of artificial creation, later dubbed HIT Mark I. Examples include Talos, the bronze giant; Daedalus' mechanical minotaur, and the terracotta army of Ch'in Shih-huang-ti

Artificers | Reed of Thoth

1489 BC - 1480 BC

1480-1489 BCE: The Artificers emerge around this time from the Reed of Thoth.

Milesian School Defines Reality

680 BC

680 BCE: The Milesian school of philosophy attempts to define reality through pure reason

Greek Atomic Theory

650 BC

650 BCE: Thales of Miletus claims world consists of primordial elements. Forms Greek atomic theory

Golden Age of Greek Science

580 BC - 200 BC

580-200 BCE: Golden Age of Greek Science. Discoveries provide foundation for what will be "Western paradigm" and Sunántese Daedaleas. Plato, Pythagoras, Hippocrates, Archimedes, Aristotle.

Pythagoras visits Egypt

560 BC

560 BCE: Pythagoras, Awakened mage/mathematician, visits Egypt. Initiated into the cult of Thoth

Pythagoras returns to Greece

545 BC

545 BCE: Pythagoras returns to Greece and spreads his ideas to the mystery cults present in all cities. Gets the strongest response from cults dedicated to Mercury. Cults of Hermes flourish in Greece, Italy, Egypt. Split between Acousmatic and Mathematic factions sparks War of Hermes.

Pythagoras forms Thoth cult

525 BC

525 BCE: Pythagoras forms a cult based on Thothian concepts: number theory, music & astronomy.

Height of Hermes Cult

500 BC

500 BCE: Height of Greek cult of Hermes in Athens; Socrates & Athenians are familiar with it, and Plato is an initiate. He never Awakens, but Plato's writings are very influential to the forming of the Greek magickal praxis. Cult of Hermes spreads to Rome, where Hermes is known as Mercury.

Inventium Discovered

424 BC

424 BCE: Four mages, the Sons of Thucydides, discover the Inventium in the Astral Umbra.

War of Hermes

400 BC - 100 BC

400-100 BCE: War of Hermes A century after Pythagoras death, his followers split into two groups: Acousmatics (studying his rites & sayings) & the Mathematicals (devoted to number theory & music).

Mathematicals join Plato Academy, Acousmatics die out.


390 BC

390 BCE: Beginning of Plato's career.


384 BC

384 BCE: Beginning of Aristotle's career.

Alexander the Great conquers Egypt

332 BC

332 BCE: Alexander the Great conquers Egypt, sparking a fusion of Persian, Egyptian & Greek culture. Travel & communication combines Kabbalah, Gnosticism and Persian religion, creating what is recognizable as the beginnings of the Hermetic tradition.

Chakravanti discover kinship with Greek mages

327 BC

327 BCE: Alexander tries to take India. Chakravanti recognize a kinship with Greek mages.


200 BC

200 BCE Archimedes builds legendary war machines and carefully documents his methods.

Silk Accord

190 BC - 235

190-170 BCE: Silk Accord. Artisans from Europe & Asia travel between their lands, establishing early silk trade and information exchange. Sunátese Deadaleas signs pact with Dalou'laoshi. Daedaleans and Dalou'laoshi join in a pact based on exchanging knowledge & trade.

Height of Mercury Cult

150 BC

150 BCE: Height of covert Roman Cult of Mercury. Magi cabals cast spells using expensive rites.


0 BC

0 c Attempting to increase popularity of technology, Artificer Hero of Alexandria writes Pneumatics and creates ingenious gadgets to amuse spectators: a puppet show with automatically-closing curtains, a device to open temple doors when a fire is lit, a machine to dispense holy water.

Alchemy flourishes

200 - 600

200-600s: Alchemy flourishes.



300 Doissetep is considered a centre for magickal learning.

Founding of the Craftmasons


997 Gathering of the Square. Artisan Wolfgang von Reismann calls Artisans from across Europe (Brotherhood of the Rule). Like Thothmes' Sacred Artisans, founds the Craftmasons.

Craftmasons Promote Commerce


1000c Craftmasons promote commerce: sponsor merchant guilds & trade fairs in cities all over Europe.

Von Reismann


1063 Wolfgang von Reismann, achieves immortality via Solificati alchemy, fakes his own death and fades into the shadows. Von Reismann later becomes one of the first Honori of the Order of Reason.



1200c The Solificati reach their height as an organized group of alchemical mages.

Western & Eastern Artificer contact


1200c Western and Eastern Artificers manage to establish consistent contact.

Fall of Mistridge


1210 Fall of Mistridge. Craftmasons (masterminded by Stephen Trevanus) lead a mob of commoners to destroy the Mistridge sanctum. Craftmasons use cannons. Siege ends when Hermetic traitor (possibly Grimgroth) opens a secret passage into the castle. Few mages escape. Assuming Craftmasons are pawns of the Tremere, the Order of Hermes doesn't immediately recognize the significance of this act. Later, the event is retroactively declared the official beginning of the Ascension War.

Order of Reason undermines Church


1300c Order of Reason spreads criticism & doubt, undermining pseudo-science & the Church. Most Singers don’t notice, except those who have studied the prophecies of Lucien, such as Valoran.

Dalou'loushi / Artificer Reunion


Giacomo del Barba finances Far East expeditions, reunites Dalou’laoshi with European guilds.

Call to Artisans


1312 Worldwide call to Artisans & Dalou'laoshi. Crusades prohibit Mokteshaf Al-Nour participation.

Solificati Unite


1315 White Lion alchemist Le Duc Luis Tristan de Varre unites many fellow alchemists into a single fellowship of Solificati. In honor of him, future Solificati leaders take name "Luis."

Mali opens to Muslim Artisans


1320 Mansa Musa, Emperor of Mali, opens kingdom to Muslim Artisans. European mages venture there, but are unwelcome. Dyula trade guild sends representatives to the Convention of the White Tower.

Wu Lung Artificers attend Convention at White Tower


1321 A Wu Lung Legalist faction, who had become Artificers, attend the Convention of the White Tower.

Convention of the White Tower


1325 March 1: Convention of the White Tower, called by the Craftmasons and Artisans begins at Yoassmy's tower. Dalou'laoshi, Legalist Wu Lung and Shi-Ren in attendance.

Founding of the Order of Reason

March 25 1325

1325 March 25: Convention issues a declaration: "Humanity will not be menaced by madmen and beasts, the World must be a place of Order and Reason, Mankind should govern itself, the chief Enterprise of Mankind shall be the preservation of it's safety, the Triumph of Mankind shall be the eradication of the supernatural world and the realization of the Collective Will." Order of Reason founded, governed by Inner Circle council. They declare war on "Sorcerers, Nightgaunts, Faerie, Boggies, Wytches, Dyvells, Changelings, Werebeasts, and all divers Creatures of the Night." New Order consists of:
* Artificers (founded)
* Cabal of Pure Thought
* Celestial Masters
* Cosian Circle
* Craftmasons
* High Guild (founded)
* Solificati
* Void Seekers (founded)

College Wars


1330 College Wars: Order of Hermes & Order of Reason vie for great minds of Europe; both establish or infiltrate universities select promising pupils as apprentices or allies. Most conflict is academic and political. College Wars last until 1500. Considered by some to be the beginning of the Ascension War.

Solificati Split from the Order


1335 The Solificati realize the mistake of following a single-minded institution, and split from the Order of Reason. Hounded, they abandon their guild halls and scatter.

Founding of the Ksirafai


Realizing the need for covert agents in the Order of Reason, a shadowy association founds the Ksirafai to implement and enforce the dictates of the Inner Circle.



1356 The introduction of clockwork automatons, covered in Primium plate mail designed to resemble an armored knight. The automatons are later designated HIT Mark IIs.

High Guild raises Medici fortune


1400c As evidence of the High Guild's influence, the Medici family's fortunes are on the rise.

Gutenberg press undercuts Church


1436 The Gutenberg Press is invented, allowing for the mass production of books, journals and pamphlets, undercutting the Church's monopoly on information and literacy.

First Mistridge Convocation


1440 January 1: First Mistridge Convocation. Sh'zar, Valoran, Nightshade and Baldric La Salle meet for the first time in the ruins of Mistridge, attended by retainers and fae allies. After long discussion, they decide to form a grand Council of Traditions, then depart to recruit others.

Solificati join Hermes


1445 Lodge Wars of Tuscany end. Diplomat Luis takes charge of several feuding guilds and resurrects the Solificati under Hermetic patronage.

Siege of Doissetep


1448 Siege of Doissetep. While its leaders are engaged in internal struggles, Don Terro Gonzaga of Aragon and Francis Nevers of Languedoc (both Order of Reason) attack Doissetep. After a long battle, its Earthly aspect falls. During the fight, Hermetic magi (including Porthos Fitz-Empress) shift the main keep into the Otherworlds (specifically, the Shard Realm of Forces). Cheated of their prize, Daedaleans massacre everyone left behind. The attack signals the true onset of Fall for mystic paradigms, and the first time the Order of Hermes realize they face a new threat.

Construction of Horizon

1449 - 1456

1449 Construction of Horizon. Convocationalists agree to create a shared Realm in the Otherworlds. Primi travel to homelands, donate powerful sacred spaces, and weave mighty spells to create new and separate world for use as a future sanctuary.
1452 Construction of Horizon proceeds. Crays are consecrated and tied together.
1454 Horizon is considered complete. Primi decide on Crystal Bastionsaround Concordia, which will funnel all Quintessence into theTribunal Chambers, to be distributed equally from there. Influx of Quintessence attracts Umbrood. Horizon Guards are established. Three battles are fought: the Ch'ikch'h'ljkla, parasites which feed on Quintessence; a Nephandic force from the Deep Umbra; and a contingent of Umbrood intent on setting Urúshlakhg'run free. All three battles are won, and come to be known as the Three Tests of Faith.
1456 April 30: All sub-realms in Horizon are completed. and The "doors" to Horizon open to outside magi. zSeveral pacts are struck with visiting faeries. The Great Horizon Festival is instituted.

Battle of Flames


1449 July 14 - August 20: Second Mistridge Convocation, Battle of Flames. Assembly of mysticks from the world over draws an attack by Craftmasons and Artificers. Hermetic and Verbenadragon-riders clash with Daedalean war balloons while ground forces battle through mountains. Mysticks triumph, but many dragons die. Heavy losses on both sides (including Hermetic William Castille bani Flambeau). The attack helps convince the mystics present of the need to band together against rationalists. They agree to seek a stronghold beyond the Horizon.

Pogrom Established


1452 Oath of Fire. Angry Daedaleans pass resolution to punish vampires and magi "with fear and flame." Hunts begin in earnest. One of the early versions of what is later to be called the Pogrom.

Helocentric Universe Established


1453 Copernicus establishes the heliocentric universe, proving Aristotle wrong. The Pupils of Parmenides and the Chœur Céleste are devastated. Whether this theory simply observes the universe or actually changed it remains a hotly debated topic.

Nine Traditions established

1457 - 1466

1457 Grand Convocation of the Traditions begins in Horizon (until 1466). The fractious gathering eventually gives birth to the Nine Traditions. Politicking, infighting, duels & war mark the event. Many sects and fellowships either merge or drop out entirely; Madzimbabwe join Thanatoic sect; Taftâni, Ngoma and others attend, but refuse to be subsumed into existing groups. In anger, some Tradition mages declare such sorcerers Disparate. The Solificati join the Traditions. One of the reasons the Convocation takes so long is the need to create a magickal paradigm which accounts for hundreds of disparate praxes.
1466 June 21: The Resolutions of Intent that form the Council of Nine Mystick Traditions are passed in Horizon Council chambers. Council of Nine becomes official. Generic titles and ranks are standardized. The Protocols, the guiding rules of the Traditions are signed. Traditions and their Primi include:
* Ahl-i-Batin (Batini), represented by Ali-beh-shaar
* Akashic Brotherhood, represented by Wu Jin (assisted by Cheng Sa
* Chakravanti (Euthanatoi), represented by Chalech (founded)
* Chœur Céleste, represented by Valoran
* Dream-speakers, represented by Star-of-Eagles (founded)
* Order of Hermes, represented by Magister Baldric LaSalle
* Seers of Chronos (Sahajiya), represented by Sh'zar the Seer
* Solificati, represented by Diplomate Luis de Estes
* Verbenae, represented by Nightshade of Harrogate

Solificati Collapse


1471 Diplomat Luis is assassinated by a Solificati rival. Without him, the Tradition collapses, leaving vacant the Seat of Matteron the Council. Some Solificati defect to the Order of Reason; 12 are sheltered by the Order of Hermes; most shun both Orders and go into hiding. The remaining Traditions form Wards within Horizon, sequestering themselves away from others.

Traditions discover Inventium


1496 The Traditions discover the Inventium and, determined to aid in its protection and documentation, send representatives to join the Historia.

Artificers infiltrate Horizon


1535 Artificers infiltrate Horizon and begin experimenting with Gaia's Vortex. They are captured and assimilated into the Order of Hermes. The move is controversial, but raises morale.

Artificers infiltrate Universities


1563 With the complicity of some Hermetics sympathetic to the Artificers, the Order of Reason infiltrates universities throughout Europe, spreading their version of truth to students.

Order of Reason Civil War


1600c The Order of Reason falls into civil war, no longer having a central leadership.

Alchemy becomes scientific


1600c The study of alchemy becomes more scientific and less metaphysical. It is still mired in secrecy, symbolism and allegory, as can be seen with the treatise Twelve Keys.

Doisstep Mages caught spying in Horizon


1612 Horizon mages catch Doissetep mages spying on private meetings. Doissetep claims Horizon is holding its mages hostage. The Council agrees to drop charges if Doissetep publicly supports Horizon. Doissetep agrees. The Council institutes a policy regarding spies: Avatar branding & 20 years forced labour.

Tradition Peace Tribunal

1624 - 1654

1624 The Council of Nine (now five) declares a Peace Tribunal, urging all Tradition Masters to attend.
1625-1654: Peace Tribunal held in Horizon (at Idrinios Tor) attempts to quell the disputes & wars that have plagued the Traditions for nearly two centuries. The Council of Nine's Seats are refilled by their former representatives. Mages of Doissetep refuse to attend, but other mages consider it partially successful.

Doissetep Captures Dome of Golden Eye


1655 Doissetep captures the Dome of the Golden Eye Construct, a major victory over the Order of Reason. Doissetep becomes a fashionable place for Horizon mages to visit.

Craftmasons exterminated


1670 Craftmasons are betrayed and exterminated by the Cabal of Pure Thought, the High Guild and the Ksirafai. The Ksirafai then purge all records mentioning the Craftmasons before fading further into the shadows. Those Craftmasons who renounce their political beliefs join the Guild.

Jannisaries put in place in Horizon


1672 Doissetep leaks info about spies from the Order of Reason and Nephandi infiltrating Horizon. Claiming recent experience with such threats, they replace Horizon's Ward Masters with a cabal of Janissaries

Dincer Albayrak


1682 Dincer Albayrak, later "founder" of House Janissary (and Fulmen of the Ksirafai), is born.

Knights of Radamanthys founded


1700c The Knights of Radamanthys are founded in Greece.

Jannisaries setup Horizon


1712 The Janissaries succeed in routing three Nephandi and a Daedalean spy from Horizon. Other mages suspect a setup. Horizon grows wearing of Doissetep's influence.

Jannisaries expand


1713 Dincer Albayrak's followers and isolated cabals of Batini & Hermetics unite as the Janissaries.

Jannisaries become Hermetic house


1716 Dincer Albayrak and his followers "defeat" the Uludag Construct in Turkey. The Order of Hermes extends them membership within House Ex Miscellanea.

Doissetep/Jannisary Schemes

1735 - 1736

1735 Janissaries fight for greater representation on the Council of Nine, seeking to unseat certain Traditions. This fuels resentment to Doissetep's meddling in Horizon affairs.
1736 31st Council of the Council of Nine meets in Horizon.Parethis of Ephesus provides crucial information to the Council & leads to the unseating of the Janissaries cabal as guardians of Horizon, reinstating the Medeans. Many Adepts & Masters come forth to admit their complicity in several Doissetep-bred schemes. They're pardoned, but the Medeans are assigned to keep an eye on them. Few months later, Parethis dies.

White Tower destroyed


1745 A magickal battle shatters the White Tower of Languedoc. Order of Reason blames both the Traditions and Infernalists, but no records survive. Massive series of retaliatory assaults are largely focused on the Traditions. By the end of the 20th century, theTechnocracy places the blame squarely on the Traditions.

Panopticon goes AWOL


2002 Out of the reach of Control, and exposed to supernatural mysteries and Traditionalists who respect reason, members of Panopticon question the Pogrom and start going AWOL, joining technomantic cabals.